Saturday, January 14, 2006


I have been wondering where winter has been. We have had a fairly mild one thus far. Yesterday it was 65 and my windows were open with the heat off. Fast foreword one day after a night of wicked thunderstorms.... Its 34, blowing like crazy and snowing! Okay they are just flurries and you have to look real close at my picture to see the snowflakes but still. Winter is really my favorite time of year and I am always up for a good snowstorm. Don't think I will be getting that tonight but I am still hoping for at least one good one before winters end.


Lisa and Tate said...

I have been waiting for the same big storm!!!! We usually have at least a good 12 inch storm a couple times a year....Live in the mountian.... Skiing is going gangbusters but here in the valley waiting and wanting!!! SNOW!!!!


Joannah said...

It's making the rounds, and so I'm tagging you! Check out my blog for details. :-)