Friday, April 14, 2006

OUCH Virginia!

My niece Virginia who lives in Atlanta was admitted to the hospital last night. Poor baby! It seems that she has broken her humorous and possibly her radial or ulnar bone as well. She will be having surgery sometime today and may require some pins. Meema tells me she is hanging in there though. They have her on morphine while she is waiting. And I hear she has requesting a pink cast! Hang in there Virginia! Aunt Jenny is thinking of you and can definitely relate. Someday I will tell you all of my broken bone story's (And there are many) but you know I never got to wear a pink cast! Miss ya! Big Hugs as well!!!! Love, Aunt Jenny


Shannon S said...

You are a brave girl, Virginia! Jenny, please make Virginia take a picture of the pink cast for the blog, ok?! =)

Joannah said...

Oh, what a big bummer. I hope Virginia's on the mend soon!

Kristie said...

Best wishers and prayers go out to Virginia from the Kristie John Shane and Loghan. We have heard so much about you from your cousin Erin. Tell you a secret... Loghan told me last night that she is jealous that you get a PINK cast. It's her fav. color. But, I am sure the pain you have to go through is not worth the "reward". Hang in there girlie... you'll br better in no time.