Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Christopher!

My baby turned TEN today! Christopher was the first everything in our family. The first baby, the first Grandchild, and the first Nephew. I still remember the night he was born. I spent the night at the hospital floating from my sisters room to the ICU unit I worked in at the time. I wasn't in the delivery room when he was born but I was able to see him fresh from his Mommies tummy in the nursery. The nurse took this picture for me to keep. Sorry it and the next 2 pictures are all pictures of pictures. I need a scanner.

So SWEET in his announcement photo.

Christopher and I during my red hair phase.

Finally Christopher last month. I love ya buddy! Thanks for being you and for 10 WONDERFUL years!!!!


Connie said...

Happy Birthday, Christopher!

PS - I'm liking that red hair!!

Mom said...

Didn't know you had that picture. At least you were there. I was stuck in Mexico. No way will that happen for Abby. Love, mom

laurie said...

our bubby!!so cute!!you're the best aunt ever-i know you know that! i can't wait for my turn and i'll be the best aunt ever!!!!!!!!!
i'll show these to cj-he'll love it.
love ya!