Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer time

I saw my first lightning bug tonight. I know summer doesn't start officially until June 21st but to me lightning bugs always mean summer. Tonight as I watched a lone lightning bug flash on my deck I started wondering............ What makes them flash. I googled them to see.

Turns out they make their own light due to some sort of special cells in their belly. These cells produce a chemical and a enzyme that combine to make the light. What I found even more interesting was that when the lightning bug is flashing they are doing so to attract a mate. When the perfect mate is found she flashes back to signal that she's into the mate. They then due some heavy flashing between the two of them (I guess their flirting with each other?) before they actually mate. It's true I'm not making this up. I read it here.

Anyhow...... I really didn't have anything to post until I saw the lightning bug. It got me thinking. Spring sure did fly by fast. Now if only summer will do the same. No offense to all of you summer loving folks out there, I just really want time to fly so I can get my referral :)


Shayla's Mom said...

I get it. I feel like I've practically wished my life away since we started the adoption process over 2 years ago. Hang in there hon.

LID 11/21/05

Sherry Mc said...

Jenny, according to my calcs and estimates, you ARE in the downside of your wait. We are going to China and it is going to be sooner than later and I am so excited!!! xo Mom and Hugh

Mom of 5 said...

You are so close !
Keep the time flying !

Lisa said...

I too like lighting bugs and equate them with summer. It's sad but I'm almost wishing my summer away so we can just get to our referrals.

I agree with your Mom. We will be there sooner than later and China better watch out cuz there's going to be some celebrating going on.



Joannah said...

I totally understand your sense of urgency! I hope the summer flies by (for you).

I have never seen a firefly! I wish we had them here in California.

Colleen said...

Ahhh...summer! Good times ahead. You are so close. Hang in there day closer every day.

kris said...

Did not know that about fireflies, how cool... maybe I should start flashing something to get a date? NO. No. I kid.

Hang in there with this waiting girl.

Lisa and Doug said...

It definitely feels like summer in Hotlanta! It hit 90 degrees today!

Stacy said...

That is really neat. I have always enjoyed fireflys. They are so pretty to watch.

I completely understand your desire for summer to go quickly. Even those of us way behind you would like it to speed on by. The only thing is that means going back to school quickly, too. I am not quite ready for that yet. :)

M3 said...

Aw, I remember fireflies from summers at my grandparents' house. Fun times!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

I haven't seen one of those for years. I too am wishing the time away. When we have her in our arms I'll expect the time to slooooow down so We can enjoy every moment with them.