Thursday, November 29, 2007

Advice Please

Okay Guys :) I need some help..... As a new Mom to be I am really not sure of everything that I will need to have for Abby. For those of you that are in the know please leave me comments with your suggestions of must haves for Abby. Keep in mind that she will be around 14 months old when she comes home. I would love to know what worked best for you and what didn't for that matter. I am talking anything that you can think of no matter how big or small. And how many should I have on hand for example crib sheets..... How many do I need???? Thanks oh wise ones :)


Heather said...

Crib sheets, well it depends how often you want to do laundry :) Crib sheets are cheap, so buy as many as you need. Diapers are subjective...I tried them all, and loved Pampers Cruisers. Wipes, again, tried them all, I like CostCo brand (Kirkland), they're easy to travel with, and easy to have one package in every room of the house. Shampoo, "California Baby", it's expensive, but you need very little. Same for conditioner if you need it, and leave it in, don't wash it out. Bibs, get A LOT of them. Dry Skin, well, I tried everything and nothing really worked, but remember, whenever you try a new type of cream on her, be ready to wipe it off quickly, allergic reactions are common. That's all I can think of for now...I'll come back if I think of anything else really important!!!

Any word on your TA yet?!?!?

Heather & Leila

laurie said...

there are plenty of experienced moms coming to your shower...let people have something to buy you!!!!!

Kristie said...

I agree with Heather on the Pampers Cruisers. I loved (and still use for cleanups) huggies wipes. CHEERIOS. lots and lots of them. Goldfish. They have these little snack cups with flip lids that are perfect for both. it may sound silly, but sunglasses. both of my kids hated the sun in their eyes. sippy cups... tons. you will find them with old juice and milk in places you never knew existed in your house. Get a tide pen. That way if Abby spills something on one of those sweet outfits you can quickly get it out. Quart sized ziplock bags to put dirty diapers/bibs or clothes in when on the go. most important, keep a power bar in your bag... you will need all the energy you can get!!! x's and o's

Anonymous said...

pampers over huggies, avent sippy cups, name brand wipes are worth it, two crib sheets was fine for me, lots of music on cds, suction cup bowls,stacking cups and lots of hugs and kisses.

Catherine said...

Great question! I'll keep an eye on the great advice you get and make notes for future use.

Hope you find lots of great tips from these ladies in the know.

Julie said...

I will think about my list but I wanted to pass along a great tip someone gave me which was buy at least two waterproof mattress pads for the crib. Do a mattress pad, then crib sheet, then mattress pad, then crib sheet. That way if Abby wets (or something else) during the night you can just take off the top sheet and mattress pad and put her back to sleep rather than hassling with changing the sheet and lifting the mattress out of the crib in the middle of the night, or at an inconvenient time.

Ladyblog said...

A must have is the little mirror that clips to your rear view mirror so that you can keep an eye on her. Then you buy the other mirror that you put in front of her and voila you can see her when her seat is rear facing. Babies R Us.
Good luck!

chloesmama said...

I agree with Heather on the crib sheets. Depends on how often you do laundry. Personally, I have 3. I liked Pampers Cruisers until they started leaking on us, and then I switched to Luvs. No leaks so far. (I've tried Huggies, too.) You do need lots of bibs. I like the bibs that fit over the head--no ties. And as for the Velcro bibs...just be super careful when washing them, because that Velcro can get stuck on stuff and cause thread pulls that literally ruin clothes. For dry skin, Aquafore works well for us. I used the Gerber Graduates Puffs before Cheerios--Chloe wasn't used to solid foods at all, and I liked the way that they dissolved. One MUST for us was baby food prunes. At first, I mixed them into her formula, and later she ate them (and still does) to prevent constipation. I was SO happy that I took several containers with us to China--they were lifesavers. (Packed in the checked bag.) I had a Mei Tai carrier that was a must, also. I carried Chloe everywhere in it--we both loved it. One last thing that we loved and still do: Signing Time. If you're not familiar with it, you might look into it--fantastic for vocabulary building, and GREAT songs. (Get Baby Signing Time Vol. 1 and 2 first, if you're interested, and go from there.) OOOH! One more last thing--get some soft slippers and great body lotion for you, and some bubble bath, too. You'll need to pamper yourself, too! Have fun, Mommy!

chloesmama said...

I kept saying "one more thing" and I am still thinking of things. Sorry! Do you have a bedtime plan? Or I should say a "what to do when and if Abby won't sleep" plan. I have a super-comfortable rocking chair that I could sleep in with Chloe--some people do co-sleeping--there are lots of different ideas out there. Most likely you'll have some sleep issues at some point, and it helps to have a plan--or several--so that when you're exhausted, you'll have at least thought of some options. :)

Eliza2006 said...

I HATE changing crib sheets, so what I started doing was putting on a clean sheet and then a quilt over it. Eliza would sleep on top of the quilt and then I would just take the quilt out of the bed to wash instead of the sheet. I don't have to worry about it now because she is now sleeping in my bed.
Pick a good lotion that you like. I love earth mama angel baby lotion. It's outrageous, but I don't use a lot of lotion. I might be on bottle #2 over a year later. I have a million ointments and the one I use the most is aquaphor. It's the best for chappy cheeks and diaper rash. Actually, now that I think of it, my sister gave me some lanonish nipple cream that worked really well too. I keep that at daycare. I felt a little strange sendin nipple cream to daycare, but it works! I use dr. bromers liquid baby soap for Eliza's hair and the rest of her body because it is all natural and Eliza has sensitive skin. My all-time favorite diapers are the seventh generation diapers, but I don't always buy them because they are a little pricey. I bought a bunch of them once on a crazy good sale and now that's all I want. You'll figure it out pretty quickly. I like different stuff now than I did when I started.
I bought too many diapers before I went to China. Her little butt didn't fit in those size 2 diapers for long! It seems like they stay in size 3 for a long time. I guess that's it for now. Sorry I wrote a book!!!

daisy said...

Definitely a good rocker, matress pads for your bed as well as your little girl might need to sleep with you. I would limit how many toys are around, I think it could be overwhelming to her. And I would also suggest focus on creative toys that stretch the imagination not do it for her, I watched my newest god daughter, Anna when she was a toddler use a pole from a pull toy as a bat, a vacuum, and something else as well, now that's imagination. Babies do not need as much as the materialistic world we live in says they do. Also I always rotated toys, so it kept them new and interesting and easier clean up! Daisy

Desert Mama said...

well, since you asked for advice...I will try not to write a book. How many of things you need depends on how often you run your dishwasher and washer - the more often, the less you need. For sippy cups and plates and such, I would say enough to go through 2-3 days is as much as you would need - so 6-8 plates, bowls (the suction cup ones that are extremely difficult (not impossible) for Abby to throw on the floor are great) and sets of little silverware. We bought a pack of the take and toss spoons 3 years ago or so with my oldest and are still using them - they are pretty inexpensive and will last if you don't want to invest in tons of "real" silverware in little sizes. For sippy cups, I liked to start with the Nuby ones you can find often in drug stores - the ones with no handles and a silicone spout. They are almost leakproof and make for an easy transition from bottle to sippy cup. For sheets, I would think 2-3 would be enough. The layering method of sheet-pad-sheet is great. I would also make sure you have extra sheets, blankets, and pillows for your bed. The first time you wake up at 2 a.m. with a sick kiddo who just threw up all over your bed, you will be glad for the extras. For clothes, I would make sure you have at least 10-14 play outfits per size - unless Abby is a really messy baby, that should be enough to get you through a week. You might want to invest in some sensitive skin laundry detergent - I've known some babies with sensitive skin and regular detergent can irritate them. (And sometimes it can take awhile to figure out what is causing the irritation, so I always started out with the sensitive skin options on everything and then gradually switched over as my kiddos grew older.) Lanisioh is wonderful for all sorts of skin stuff - chapped lips and cheeks, diaper rash, etc. It doesn't take much - 1 tube lasted me over 2 years with my oldest - and I liked that it is food grade, so no worries about Abby ingesting something if she licks her hands with it on them, etc. For toys, I agree with not too many. Also remember that all battery operated noisemakers can either be turned off or have the batteries removed if they scare Abby with the noise or drive you bonkers. I would also make sure you have a toy phone and toy remote for her - so when you are using the real one, you can hand her the toy one - she is at an age where she will probably love to imitate you. Finally, I have lots of books I would recommend for on-hand reference - I am working on a list on Amazon if you want to see it - should be up soon under the name Desert Mama. Good luck! And let us know if you have more questions!

Desert Mama said...

One more suggestion - make sure you have food for you in the house. Buy freezer stuff, cook and freeze, whatever - with trying to adjust to motherhood and jet lag and figuring out what Abby will eat, you will be very thankful for a few weeks of easy to heat up and eat food on hand.

OziMum said...

Wow! What a great post - I've loved reading all the comments... and I've lived through 2 babies!!!

I'm not going to suggest "best brands" for diapers, coz we have different ones in Australia - but if you come to Australia, get Huggies!!!

My suggestion is always have: baby panadol, nappy rash cream, and teething gel in the cupboard. You can bet if there's going to be a problem, it'll be in the middle of the night!

Fingers crossed your TA comes this week!

Shelly & Family! said...

Here are some suggestions on what is really important to take to China with you...

I have to give my two cents here...from a mom who has been there done that with Yihuang SWI...get Huggies overnight diapers for every day use. Most of the girls from our trip back in 2005 had shooting poop...I am not joking! I took Pampers with us & they didn't work at all (we had very leaky diapers not only down the leg, but up the back as well). Also, I took some Avon Natural Oatmeal bath treatment & lotion, which really help with Francesca's very dry skin and so many of the other families asked if they could use it while we were there. It really works. Lots of Cheerios and some prepacked food for yourself (just in case you don't feel like leaving the room for that day or if Abby gets sick and you can't leave the room as that happen to us and many of the other families on our trip) and if you are due to get your "friend" which I happen to get while over there...and you use tampons, pack a lot of them! From what I gathered, they don't sell them and the stuff that they had was really bad! If I think of anything else, I let you know....

Made in China said...

2 crib sheets is fine for us, I do keep a small blanket over the sheet for quick clean up of a leaky diaper. I like the Pampers best and if you go to you can sign up for coupons and stuff. Naomi is 13 months and she still takes her milk in a bottle (Advent or Platex). We use the Nestle Follow up Transition formua (yellow can - it goes to 18m).
If you get a chance to speak to her caregiver, ask what kind of milk does she drink, what temperature, what type of bottle and what is the nightime routine.
Good luck!!!

Beverly said...

I liked the Pampers cruisers for diapers and the huggies pull ups for well, pull ups. Glenys was 15 months when I met her and down to 2 bottles a day for comfort only. I bought one bottle in China and used it until home then I bought some $1.50 bottles at the dollar store, like what she had in China. Her US ped recommended good start formula for the switch. Def wipes, huggies or pampers brand. the off brands tend to dry out quicker. Lotions, Fruit puffs and Cheerios. Now there are the fruit Cheerios, get those. We didn't use many bibs around our house and I have a ton of them but Glenys was/is extremely neat in food intake. Goldfish are good friends too. Gerber Baby fruit juices in the small containers for home. Learn how to make some variation of congee if she likes it in China. It is like chicken soup to US kids, ya know? comfort food. Get the sippy cups with the stopper in the top, does not leak. I also like the cheapo throw away sippies that you get at target. We still have most of the original pack I bought two years ago. They don't leak either but they are not insulated either. Bottle brush for sure, sleepers and onsie shirts. Talk someone into getting you the toilet ring or a kid toilet. Also get someone to buy you or register for the three in one ride thing from fisher price. It is a rocker, then a push ride then a tricycle. You won't necessarily need lots of new born or infant baby stuff. You might need teething gel. I know this is long sorry.


Michelle & John said...

I am a waiting mom-to-be. No real knowledge...I saw on someones blog that you should make the crib up "lasagna style"!!! Layering the sheet then a waterproof pad and so on. This is so that when a leak happens during the night, you can just peel off a layer and get right back to sleep! Hope this helps some!

Carol and Taylor said...

Don't know if this is the advice you're looking for, but make sure you pack well in advance, so that you're last weekend is free. Do whatever you love...swanky dinner with friends, mani/pedi/hair, spa day, whatever floats your boat. It will be the last time you do it for a very long time. Plus, you'll look great in all the photos that will be taken in china!

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Crib sheets. I bought a couple of nice ones ( that matched the bedroom) and several cheap ones. I liked to have them on hand in case of middle of the night sickies.

Diapers. Don`t over stock. What diaper works best for one may not work well for another. The brand that worked well for my son did not work for my DD.

I would not over stock on sippy cups or bottles until you figure out what she likes. Some kids delight in being picky about nipples and or cup spouts. Once you figure out which one she likes stock up. If she is picky and you finally find one that works by lots. Manufactures are known to discontinue at the most interesting times.

Of course the most important thing you will need is the ability to trust your mommy instinct. THAT is and will be your most important parenting tool for years to come.

Laura said...

Wow!! You've received some excellent tips already. Here's my two cents.
- Onesies and lots of them with the matching sweatpants. I have a ton of dresses and fancier outfits, but sometimes you want something really easy and comfortable for baby. Plus they are easy to pack for a backup outfit in case of a mess or accident.
- Cut out the tags at the neck if any. They can irritate and then they will scratch and scratch.
- Crib sheets. Great advice. I have several, but only need two really. I recommend getting the absorbent squares (not sure of the exact name). You place it on top of the waterproof mattress pad and then put the sheet on. It catches any accidents and you just throw it in the wash with the sheet. They have them at Babies R Us.
- Baby wash cloths & towels. Depends on how sensitive her skin is. I have a bunch but never use them anymore. Just easier to use the big ones and Maeve loves getting wrapped up in the big towel.
- Pampers Waddlers hands down. I use whatever wipes are on sale.
- Sign up on the Babies R Us website to receive their mailers. They often have $5 off coupons for diapers and $2 off for wipes. I stock up then.
- Lots of socks with the grippers on the bottom, so she doesn't slip. Great for at home.
- Check out local toddler classes and sign up when you get home with Abby for some. Great place to meet and connect with other Moms and Abby will benefit from playing with the other toddlers. YMCA & local baby supply stores usually have fun and inexpensive classes. There is also My Gym and Gymboree classes (a little more $$). Also checkout for local Mom's groups. I found several in my area and love them.
- Playdates & more playdates. Let her see what the big girls do and she will want to imitate. I couldn't persuade Maeve to try a sippy cup. Then she saw the "big girls" using them and wanted one immediately.
- At your shower ask for advice. My cousin made cute little cards to fill out for my shower. Not only did I get some wonderful advice, but the cards are beautiful keepsakes for Maeve's memory book.
- Don't forget the toy cell phones if you don't have them already. Every baby I know loves them. Maeve has three and usually carries around two, one on each ear.

Carol and Taylor said...

Hi again,

Forgot to mention. We love "Gentle Natural's" excema creme. T in no way has it, probably b/c we live in humid miami, which is basically a swamp. However, its really thick creme and smells delicious. We put it on every night after her bath. Its sold over the courter in teh baby section of CVS, wallgreens, or the like. Highly recommended.

Steffie B. said...

You've been given some very good info! ;)

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

I have been reading all the great advise everyone is giving you..
Hope you don't mind..
I would say that my choice of diapers was Huggies.. but that was a long time ago..
But that is what I am going to try with Isabella too..
Have a Great Week.

Carrie said...

My two cents (or maybe 50 by the time I'm done!)...
- crib shhets: get one or two, and then get 2 "magic crib sheets" from babies r us (in the mattress pad section). They go OVER the regular crib sheet & snap around the slats in the crib so when they mes sit up , all you do is pop that off and you are good to go - which is nice since messing with getting the mattress out of the crib is a pain. Also geta pad to put under your fitted sheet for when Abby is snuggling with you!
-diapers - I use pampers cruisers, but I think its just finding whatever works.
-to prevent diaper rash, whatever you like. But, once she actually gets it - Desitin ORIGINAL (not creamy) is the best.
-DItto on the gerbers puffs (aka "Baby Crack")...Lil LOVES them.
-I love Avent bottles
-Lotion: Aveeno baby lotion
-Bibs: water proof AND machine washable...not just the plastic wipe down ones. iPlay and bumkins make good ones.
-let me echo Daisy's comments about hiding toys at first. Lilly was so overwhelemed when I brought her home it was like trying to get a kid to go to sleep in FAO Shwartz on Christmas Eve. Put a lot away in closets and bring stuff out slowly once she is home.
-I have a zillion more comments...but I'll talk to you soon!

C said...

We came home when Kate was 15 months old.
She didn't use sippy cups at all. She drank right out of a water bottle and used STRAWs. seriously.... It took our travel group about 3 days to figure out the kids didn't know what to do with a sippy cup.

Clothes. Kate was in 9 month clothes. She didn't gain much weight at all from referral to gotcha.

I bought diapers in China. I had enough to get me to the shopping day, and to use on the planes at home...

toys- you will have some down time in the hotel and the ice bucket is only so fun. stacking cups were still the favorite at 15 months. Bath toy, held things, etc. Though I think Kate could have made a toy out of anything.

lots of ziplocs. and duct tape. I was teased unmercifully about bringing duct tape, but I used every inch of mine.

I also used a sitnstroll as a stroller/car seat for the plane. If you are buying an extra seat to come home I'd consider it. It was the only way I could nap on the plane.

In terms of at home, food in the freezer is very helpful. You'll be totally off schedule and not wanting to eat, much less cook when your body thinks it is the middle of the night. (my sil helped and was a Godsend)

I use Cetaphil for both bath and shampoo, and the lotion after. Kate's skin is fab. That and sensitive skin detergent...

I wish I had brought a spoon to China. Kate was feeding herself, and the only spoons in China were ceramic. Every time she broke one I had to pay for it. They were expensive too.

Good luck!!