Thursday, November 15, 2007

This and That

I had my travel meeting this past Monday night. I attended by telephone because my agency is out of state. The meeting was 2 and a half hours long! Lot's of info :) They are estimating our travel dates to be January 3rd through January 16th. I am a little bummed that I won't have Abby by Christmas. I was looking at some families that received their referrals this time last year and it looked like they received faster TA's then my agency anticipates. Maybe that will happen for us too. Either way it will happen when it is supposed to :0

I have been going through Abby's clothes and weeding out the ones she will probably never wear. I am also setting aside the special outfits that I want to bring with me for her to wear in China. It is hard to pick. I know they say to only bring around 8 outfits but I just don't see that happening. I have waited my whole life for this :) I also know that I will be able to buy baby clothing over in China verses bringing a lot with me. That is really not an option for me though. I have collected so many outfits for her during the last 30 months that she will never wear them all. The last thing I need to do is buy her more.

I am also working on her care package that I will soon send to her. I will save that for another post :)

I went to my sisters last night. She had a couple of goodies for Abby. She gave her the beautiful dress and coat pictured below. I also took a picture of Christopher and Erin with their newest Cousin :0

Look at Their Puppy Pete! Isn't he getting big?

Mel sent this cute hoodey for Abby :)

And last but not least, Mom gave me this cute cell phone holder.


Catherine said...

Wow! That's some travel meeting. Glad you were able to gather lots of info. It's unfortunate you won't have Abby home for Christmas but hopefully the busy season will help the time to pass quickly. My agency also seems to take a full 8 weeks between referral and travel when others seem to be able to pull it off in 6. Still hoping for an earlier travel for you.

Great outfits! Love the smocked dress. Have fun packing for China and take all you can! If somebody's clothes have to get heaved out of the suitcase they will be mine, not Hannah's.

What fun it must be for you to be preparing her care package! Enjoy!!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Well I am praying that Abby is with you for Christmas...
Love the dress and coat... too cute...
Cell phone cover is cute..
And the puppy is getting cuter...
Love the eyes...
Have a Great Week

Eliza2006 said...

I must admit...I wish I had packed more than 8 outfits and I didn't really buy many clothes in China. Pack clothes are small!


Sherry Mc said...

You can also use room in our suitcases too. Beautiful outfit from Laurie. Miss those big kids already. xo Mom (I first saw the phone holder on Steph's blog so thank you to her.)

OziMum said...

Aaaawww! What gorgeous clothes from you sis! The kids looked pretty chooffed to have a new cousin!

I hope, hope, hope you get your TA soon, and can travel before Christmas.

kristie said...

keeping our fingers and toes crossed for you and abby. pack know you will want to change her about 1000 times anyway. love the gifts. i need to catch up with you soon. loghan has some things for abby and i have some more clothes!!! any word on how big abby is???

Rina, John & Annalisa said...

I would bring as many clothes as possible with you for two reasons:
1. You don't know exactly what size will fit her. I brough with me 3 to 6 months clothes and 6 to 12. The 6 to 12 were falling off Annalisa. The 3 to 6 fit well. (She was 10 1/2 months old and weighed 16 lbs).
2. When I was in Nanchang there weren't any stores to buy children clothing from and the ones available for Annalisa's age group all had the Split Pants :)

We stayed at the Jin Fen hotel, other people stay at the Gloria hotel which is more central. Maybe there are more clothing available in that area.

Just my thoughts :)

Rina, John & Annalisa said...

A couple other things ...

One thing I'm glad I brought with me are Pampers (size 2 and 3).
Although you can find Pampers and Huggies in China they are not as absorbent as the ones that are sold in the US. We used the American Pampers for the long trips and night time. We bought some Chinese diapers and used them for short trips.

Also, I went to Build a Bear and picked a stuffed tiger (I learned that the Yihuang area is known for a type of tiger that is almost extint). My husband and I recorded a short message for Annalisa ("Hi Annalisa, Mommy loves you" and "Hi Annalisa, Daddy loves you very much"), put them in each paw and sent it in the care package. We did get Tiger back and since it was pretty dirty, I know they gave it to her and that she used it. You can even spray your favorite body spray on it so she gets used to the way you smell.

Carol and Taylor said...

While I wish you could go b/f xmas, I'm excited to follow your trip. China in Jan is great! Despite the # of clothes listed on my packing list, I know I stuffed more in all the nooks and crannies b/f leaving. I say pack away. As others have mentioned, T was much smaller than I thought. I think the chinese weigh our girls with all their clothes on...which is LOTS!

Anyway, happy packing. My packing list on my site is under "Taylorfest2006 - The World Tour", then click on "Packing Hell". Pswd is Taylor with a cap T. If you're interested, hope it helps.

So happy for you and with kind regards from Miami,

Carol and Taylor
doa 1/16/2006

Kim said...

I have about 12 outfits packed, a couple of are one piece but most are separates, like hoodie sweaters and little corduroy pants. It's all really cute lol

Heather said...

Like you, I had a TON of stuff for Leila already...but it was SO hard to resist all the cute clothes at the vendors, and the deals to be had. But make sure you get the squeeky shoes and make room in your bag for plenty of them. I paid $4 a pair there...then saw them here in the specialty kids stores for $30+. I only bought about 8 pair...but wish I had bought more, in more sizes.

Sure wish you could have had her home by Christmas, my Gotcha day was January I just missed Christmas too. I didn't even decorate the house (which is unusual for me). Partly because I was depressed that she wouldn't be with me, and partly because it's a lot of work, and it was the last time in a LONG time that I wouldn't have to decorate!

Love all your gifties...and that is one cute puppy! Also love the Red Thread pictures your Aunt Debbie did...that is awesome!

Susan & Matt said...

I agree. Take all of the clothes you want. I also agree with the diapers. Take American. The only clothes that we bought for Mia were the Chinese dresses. We had one hand made at Jennifers near the White Swan for only $15. We had my brother's wedding the day after we landed and she looked so cute in it. I wish I bought more dresses in many sizes because she is out of them already. They were only $4. Also A LOT of squeeky shoes. I loved them, but only got two pairs. Take less of your clothes because you can get them washed a couple of times.
Sorry you will be missing Christmas, but January will be here before you know it. It gives time for all of the last minute things.

RoLo said...

Just been catching up, you have been busy. Adore the cute hoodey and the dress & coat.

Shannon said...

I am with you on the disappointment regarding when you can travel. Still holding out for earlier, though! I was at norfolk airport today and was imagining the welcome when you and Abby arrive! Look at those cute outfits and cell phone holder! Abby is gonna be soooo stylin!

Amy said...

I agree with you! I've collected so many outfits for Amaya, I am bringing more than they recommend also! :-)

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Get well soon and Happy Thanksgiving!

I am still hoping we will travel over Christmas!!! :-)

Beverly said...

Celebrate Christmas late. She won't understand it this year anyway and you will be able to prolong the season just for her.


Laura said...

Squeaky Shoes! I agree with the post from Susan. I bought 11 pairs in different sizes while I was staying at the White Swan (my mother thought I was insane). Now I wish I had purchased even more.

If space is an issue while packing, don't forget pack mates (think that is what they are called.) Big plastic bags, that you roll to get the air out. You can fit so much. I took one big suitcase and also packed an empty, very large duffel bag. I did almost all of my souvenier shopping around the White Swan and bargained down for everything.

I'm so excited for you!!