Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wow :):):):)

Wow, I just keep saying Wow :) I finally went to sleep around 330 am and slept til 900am. Now I am waiting for the fed ex person to come with Abby's referral package. I found these two pictures of Abby's orphanage. I'm not sure how old they are though. This site was helpful. I also joined the yahoo group for her orphanage. Once I get the specifics from her referral packet I am going to try and get her finding ad as well.

I don't think my feet have touched down yet. I am still on cloud nine :) My stomach is still tumbling too but in a good way :) Thank you for all of your comments and emails. I have had so much fun reading them :) They are the icing on the cake for this wonderful experience :)

Last of all, I promise to only torture you with this song for the short term. I just had to play it for now :)


Kristie said...

Don't you just want to dive into that picture and get Abby??? I know I do =)
You enjoy these moments. Cherish them. You will never know this kind of joy, this moment again (it is different each time!!)Can;t wait to hear more and more=)

Julie said...

CONGRATS to you! Abby is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing her pix with all of us out there enduring the big wait...I am so excited for you! :)

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

you don't come down off of that cloud and it just keeps getting better. We are so thrilled for you and can't wait to see her in your arms.

Eliza2006 said...

I can't stop coming over to your blog to look at your cute Abby! I love her! I can't wait to see you with her!!!


Amy said...

Congratulations on Abby!! I stumbled across your blog just one day before your referral (your blog was linked from another blog I follow). As soon as I saw your daughters face and name I just knew she was from YiHuang. We adopted our daughter from YiHuang in November 2005. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions (itsallgonnaworkout@yahoo.com). Also, you will find the YiHuang SWI yahoo group very helpful and informative. Welcome to the YiHuang Family!!!!


Doris & Dan said...

Just wonderful! Really happy for you.

Keep smilin!

Lisa said...

I get chills just looking at that building knowing that Abby is in it. Now for the packing, repacking and yet repacking. Thanks again for sharing your pics with us. She sure is a cherub.


Shannon said...

You are too cute, Jenny! And that daughter of yours is absolutely adorable. The close up is beautiful and I just LOVE the one in the walker! What a sweet lil' mouth! =)

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the pictures..and thanks for the site..
I am smiling with you..

Christy said...


OK, Mia currently weighs about 17 pounds and is about 28 inches. Hopefully you will get an update on Abby and they will have some current info on her size. So, if she is anything like Mia's size, she is about a 6-9 month. Actually you may not belive it but a lot of 6-9 are big on her. She still fits into most of her 3-6 month stuff. So, if you are looking at GAP or GYMBOREE you are looking at 6-12 (they dont carry 6-9) and they will probably be a little big on her (if she is Mia's size). I still buy 6-12 month stuff and some of the tops fit ok but the bottoms I usually have to put a big saftey pin in. You might want to bring a bunch of those with you to CHina-- they are a life saver. Anyway, you may still want to bring a few 3-6 month things for the bottom especially but you should be ok with the tops being 6-12. Unless you get an update and she is a lot bigger than 17 pounds, dont bother with 12 month stuff. It will be too big. I have a few dreses that are 12 month (like the blue one she wore for her birthday party)but they are usually pretty big but I can get away with it.

Anyway, hope that helps. If you need ANY help at all on any of the packing or just questions about what they do at our girls age, email me. I woudl be happy to help.

COngrats again!!! SHe is precious!!

Christy :)