Thursday, March 27, 2008

Virginia Living Museum

Here's My little bit yesterday morning. She fell asleep on the floor while I was on the computer. One minute she was playing and the next she was out. Guess she can put herself to sleep when she wants to.

So I'm in the dining area of my tiny condo and Abby is in the den area. Its all one room. I hear Ma and I look over and see this! She was so proud of herself. In true blogger fashion I grabbed a picture then quickly told her no and got her down. Now she keeps trying to stand up on it. The rocker may have to go bye bye for a little while.

Finally some real spring time weather. It got up to 72 so I put a dress on her :)

"Please Mom! No more pictures."

Look closely. I had her hair pulled up paint brush fashion for the first time :) It was no small task to get it that way. She let me snap about 10 pictures and then.... Yep she pulled it out'

I love this picture :)

We joined the Virginia Living Museum this week. Its right down the road. She loves to see all of the fish.

Looking for turtles which is her newest word by the way :)

Checking out her shadow. It was the cutest thing. She kept running and stepping on it.

Taking a breather.

Stay tuned for my back to work post. Yep Monday is the day :(:(:(


Michele said...

Your sweet Abby is so gorgeous. Sounds like things are going so well. Good luck going back to work. It does get easier, but I have to say it never gets "easy" to leave them each day. But, we have to do what we have to do. I love checking on you and your girl!

Michele, single Mama to Emily (5) and Alyssa (3) both from China

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

LOVE the pictures...
Abby is sooo darling...
I will be thinking of you on Monday..
Have a Great Weekend..

Chris & Deb said...

I love the pictures of Abby....she is obviously proud of herself standing on the rocking chair! She is changing so fast....still so adorable! :)

Anne said...

What a sweet smile Abby has!! Elizabeth has that same dress- I love it!!

Gail said...

She is growing up so fast!!
I had to laugh at the picture of her standing on the chair.
Oh! Does that bring back memories!
My dgt was a climber!! Still is!
First thing she tried out on her new swing set was the rock wall!!

Abby always looks so pretty in her outfits. Her Easter dress was beautiful! What a pretty purple!

Hope your first day back at work goes smoothly for you and Abby.

p.s. The picture of you and Abby is very nice.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

What a sweetie peetie! I love that contagious smile of Abby's and her dimples. Sweet little ponytail too!

Will be thinking of you on Monday as you head back to work!

Kelley said...

Love those pictures; especially the grin while she's standing on the chair! I'll be thinking about you on Monday as you head back to work. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think that girl can get any CUTER!

Thanks for sharing her great photos. She looks so happy!

Hope your first day back at work goes smoothly. I know it will be hard for both of you at first, but it will get easier. She will grow up knowing her mommy did everything to provide for her and that her mommy is a smart, independent, hard working woman. What a great example you are setting for her!

Take care,
Lisa in Denver
mother to Jack and Lily

Beverly said...

Abby is so cute. Looks like you guys have lots of fun.

Lindsay said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. The dress is just adorable, and Abby looks gorgeous.

Briana's Mom said...

Abby is so cute in her little dress!

OziMum said...

Cute!!! Love the catching her shadow,thing!!!

Yikes! Standing on a "rocker"!! I guess, that does take a bit of skill... but probably not a skill, you want her learning just yet!!! I love that you took a picture of her, before you told her no! Too funny!!!