Friday, March 14, 2008

16 Months

My DARLING Baby turned 16 months old today! She is growing up so fast. We celebrated by meeting Mackenzie and her Mom at our local mall. I wanted to take Miss A to see the Easter Bunny!

The girls had a great time just running around.

Remember Mackenzie??

Mackenzie is 1 month younger than Abby.

Abby wasn't afraid of the Bunny at all :)

I'd love to know what she was thinking :)


OziMum said...

Great photos! Poor MacKenzie doesn't look too impressed with the rabbit at all!!! Abby looks cool as a cucumber!

Briana's Mom said...

Happy 16 months Abby! Love her adorable outfit!

Pug Mama said...

happy 16 months sweet, beautiful Abby!!!

PIPO said...

Awww...Mackenzie no likey that bunny!

Abby looks like she wants to interview him :0)

Happy 16 months.

Sherry Mc said...

Meema's got a few tears. Can't wait to see her with Santa. xo's Mom

Special K said...

Love those bunny pics. They turned out great. I adore the one of her staring up at him. Sooooo cute!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Happy 16 months...
Abby is soooo beautiful...
LOVE her little outfit..
Have a Great Evening..

Anonymous said...

What adorable great pics of Abby with the EB. I am so jealous (:
Enjoy every minute! Hugs, Dale

Gail said...

Happy 16 months Abby!
Abby looked beautiful! She is a "hot ticket".
No fear from that little girl.
I love the pic of her trying to figure out what that big white furry thing is.
Her expression is priceless!