Monday, March 10, 2008

Dance baby dance :)

Now some bullets:

Words (Mommy thinks) Abby says -








Abby loves the Baby Einstein Videos.

The First Signs video has her using some signs too. (Albeit some of them are modified :D) She signs consistantly -





Everybody thinks she is so quiet. NOT! When she is in public she is quiet but when she is in her comfort zone then LOOK OUT!

She is still a very busy little girl. She continues to acheive her mission to un baby proof what ever she can in our house.

I still give her bottles (I know bad Mommy). Mainly just one at bedtime but I reserve the right to let her have one at other times if she needs it.

She has moved her wake up time up an hr to 7 AM. The time change killed us too cause this morning she was up at 6 AM! She also sleeps all night in her crib but has been waking uo lately because I think she is teething.

She loves to swing and climb up the slide.

Broccoli continues to be her vegi of choice but she also loves peas, greenbeans, and most recently corn.

She continues to give the cats he** on a daily basis.

I have still not gone back to work. Officially I have to return on April 1st. I was considering going back early because my vacation time is all used up and now I have no money coming in. But I don't want to, it has only been 2 months.... I will never have this much time off with her again... So..... I'm thinking of pulling money out of my equity loan on a need be basis till taxes ect come in. (scary I know)

I really need to do my taxes but everytime I get a minute I am just two exausted!

Me who used to take two Tylenol PMs (or some sort of sleep aid) every night in order to sleep, Now no longer reguires anything to sleep at night! ( even if I nap during the day)

She loves her clothes! (Barb she is a girly girl) She just beams when I tell her how pretty she looks and she loves to go through her closet and drawers.

Now go look at my baby dancing again :)


Shannon said...

So cute!! I'm so glad that you guys are doing so well together!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Abby is tooo cute...
She sounds like she is doing soooo well..

Have a Great Week..

Special K said...

Sounds like you two are having a blast hanging out together.

I'm also planning on taking some extra time off unpaid. Figure it'll be the only time in my daughter's life when I can be a SAHM. So I say go for it.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

I think it sounds like you two are doing great. I love how she dances to the farmer in the dale.. Maddy loves her fridge phonics too!

I'd say if you can take the time now.. do it!! You won't regret it!

Donna said...

What a genius...all those words already! Glad you're enjoying your time away from work.

Briana's Mom said...

She is so cute when she dances!!

kris said...

Oh she is SO cute- THAT BELLY!!
And hey, I have no children and still haven't done my taxes either- just the thought seems daunting even though I really need the dang money right now.

Lindsay said...

Love the dancing - she looks so cute. I get the same comments about 'quiet baby' when outside: but, like Abby, she's different at home where she feels secure. Sounds like Abby is doing great - so many words already! And so good on her feet too! Congratulations: you must be thrilled by how great she is doing.

Lisa and Tate said...

Oh man I love reading bullets on baby stuff! She is so cute.... love all the new stuff she is saying and doing. I am so beyond ready to experience being a momma! Wise choice on the staying home part. Money happens, time with a growing baby does not.


Michelle said...

Oh my Gosh. The cuteness!

Anonymous said...

See Here

Liene said...

That video is so stinking cute!

Looks like things are going well.

Ann said...

Ohmygoodish, she is just too cute, rockin'her little diaper around.

Shannon said...

Aaagh! She is darling, Jenny! My goodness but she is so beautiful and smart!

Gail said...

I love her dancing!
She is doing so well! In just 2 months she is already saying words!!
What a smartie!!

I also plan on using my vacation time, tax return and maybe some equity (if I have to) in order to take the 12 weeks.
I didn't do that for Loren and I regretted it.
Enjoy your time with her, before you know it you will be back to work and boy does the time fly.

Anonymous said...

What a happy girl!

Too cute!

Lisa in Denver

C said...

I'm happy that you are both so happy!
When Kate came home she thought the cat's names were:
gentle and gentle

self explanatory?