Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beach Fun!

This past Sunday Abby and I had the pleasure of a play date with new friends at Yorktown Beach. We finally met up with J and A and their precious Ava after recently discovering that we live practically right around the corner from each other. Warning! Extreme cuteness overload ahead :):):)

Abby looked adorable in her little suit!

Sweet little Ava who is about 5 and a half months younger then Abby. What a cutie she is. Don't you love her little suit??

J and A were about a week or two behind us in China.

I love this shot from behind.

Ava is a true little water baby :) She was fearless in the water.

Amy I swiped a few pictures from your blog. Hope you don't mind :)

Abby wasn't to sure about the water at first. Once she saw how much fun Ava was having tho and she warmed up quickly. (Even tho the water was COLD) She actually pitched a fit when I took her out.

Water babies.

In true toddler fashion, the girls played side by side :)

Having fun with Ava and her Daddy.

It was a top ten day :) Abby warmed up slowly and decide near the end of our play date that these new friends were not only okay but also fun.

Did I mention that it was a top ten day????? :)

What a fun day we had. Miss Abby had a great time and passed her first sunscreen application by Mommy test. No burns for her anyway. (Mommy should have used a little sunscreen on her self too!) A and J it was great to finally meet you and sweet little Ava! It was neat to compare stories and experiences and trade tips with you too. I hope our girls can have more play dates SOON :)
I leave you with one very tired little girl who was out cold soon after we started the car ride home:)


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Looks like the girls had lots of fun...
Love their little swimsuits.. they are soooo adorable..
Have a Great Week..

PIPO said...

How cute! Those girls know how to rock a swimsuit.

I SO look forward to this kind of fun :0)

amy said...

ok how fun are these pictures?

Anne said...

So cute!! Great pictures!Elizabeth had the same swimsuit as Abby (when she was 6 mos.), I love it!!