Friday, May 30, 2008

So sweet

Today I broke out one of the fake bags I bought in China to use as a replacement bag for the luggage that United lost (remember that? I still do!). As I was packing it to go over to my Mom's I found a side pocket that I missed when I unpacked it from the China Trip. These little shoes were one of the things in there. They are just like the little shoes that Abby had on on gotcha day. Those were yellow and had little monkeys on them. I got these at the Walmart in Nanchang. They were the only shoes I could find small enough for her at that time. I wanted to save her gotcha day shoes for her to have and was really afraid I might loose one if she kept wearing them. She really wasn't walking much then so these worked out just fine.

I have no idea what size these were but I am guessing maybe a 3? The tennies she is wearing now are a 5. It really blows my mind how much those little feet have grown in only 4 and a half months.

Here's my fake Louis bought for 7 bucks or 35 yen,

The label says Beijiale . Gotta love it:) I will say that this bag did make it back from China in good and reuse able condition, Unlike the Fake Polo Bag I bought that had to be thrown away on arrival home.

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Beverly said...

We had one of those polo bags too that the wheels broke off as soon as we got home.