Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Birthday pictures

Finally getting around to posting some Birthday pictures. God bless her, she had no idea what this Birthday stuff was all about. I'm glad I decided not to have a big party too. It really would have been too much for her. We were lucky cuz Grandad L was here for her actual Birthday. He and MeMe gave Abby a panda bu*ld a be*r. Meme made the Tutu.

Yep, I think she likes her :)

And here are a few of her daycare Birthday party. Really! What was I thinking??? All the kids, including Abby were kind of stunned through out the whole thing. Here below is my Abba passing out the cups to her classmates.

I ordered cupcakes with Elmo for her. She immediately pulled the cars of the cake.

Then they dug in :)

So that was that. I brought punch balloons and goody bags for them. The teachers wouldn't let them have them until they went home :(

So that was on her actual Birthday. Below was her family Birthday party at Meemas. I made her an Einstein Cake. She liked it but again wasn't too sure what all of the fuss was all about. And was a little cautious.

Just noticing that I left out the H in Birthday :)

The Birthday Girl.

When we lit the candle it scared her.

Man I was purdy that day (not!) Note to self put on make up and do your hair for special occasions.

All she wanted was the rocket :)

Little one had, I think, one bite of cake. She just wanted to play Einstein :)

We celebrated Sam's (daughter of my brothers fiance)Birthday too :)

Cousin Joshua :)

Last we did presents. Again, she was just a little over whelmed.

Sissy helped her out.

Do you see a theme here?

Josh and Elmo.

I Love my little Birthday girl:) I'll leave ya with two videos. One with cousin Josh and Elmo and one with my little Abba Birthday girl. Enjoy :)


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the pictures..
Looks like Abby had a WONDERFUL Birthday..
What great ideas on the cupcakes and the cake..
Have a Great Week..
Hugs girly..

PIPO said...

Elmo, anyone?

Very cute.

Never fear, she'll get the hang of what birthdays are all about soon enough ;0)

Made in China said...

Great pictures!

Beverly said...

adorable. She will have this birthday thing figured out in a year or two!!

Shannon said...

WOW! The L.E. cake is impressive! You look great, BTW. Who would have had time for make-up with all the prep you did?! What a grand mommy you are! Abby is so beautiful, too. Those lips are the sweetest red! Thank you for sharing the pictures.

Donna said...

Glad Abby had such a wonderful birthday!

Sherry Mc said...

What a great time for Abby. I still have to ask where did this child come from, she can't possibly have changed this much in almost 10 mos. So proud of you in all of this and absolutely adore Abba. Meema and Da

Lindsay said...

I'm sensing an Elmo love affair here! Looks like Abby had a lovely time even if it was a little overwhelming at first. I'm sure she'll be a pro at partying before you know it!

Teresa said...

HA HA HA! I did the same thing when we celebrated my husband's 50th birthday. I made a very large banner that said, "HAPPY BIRTDAY DADDY" No "H"...hung the banner for all to see...and I have a BA in English!

The sad thing is that very few people even noticed.

Your daugher is lovely. Congratulations on having her first birthday with her family!

Kim said...

CUTE pictures!

Natalie is into the same stuff, did you know you can rent Little Einstein videos through netflix?

Anonymous said...


Abby is a beautiful girl! She has fit in so well to your life because of all you do for are a wonderful mom and she is very lucky to have you!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Randi

Anonymous said...

All of the kids are soooo gorgeous! Happy Bday Abby! We love you!!

Sharon S.

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