Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween

Yes, I know the second picture is upside down. Anyone know how to flip it? Abby spent her first Halloween week pretty well. First there she is this morning, snotty nose and all with our pumpkin. (Not sure when she is going to let me take it down) We started it out last Sunday by going to a pumpkin patch on a little farm. She was a little under the weather with her latest cold so we didn't catch a lot of smiles but I still think she had a good time. Thank you Auntie L and Sissy for coming with us and for taking the pictures.

There was a little petting zoo too. So Abby got to see some real live farm animals.

All stuffed up, plus she had just woken up from a car nap when we got there.


Goats. There was one goat that later kept getting out. He was friendly tho and Abby got to pet him.

Pretty picture of Sissy:)

In the pumpkin field.

Checking out the pumpkins.

In the sunflower field.

On Wednesday Abby was Boo'd by our next door neighbor Ella. We didn't get to Boo anyone back but we will next year. I know these pictures suck. I messed up the settings on my camera so they are way blurry. Sorry but I couldn't leave out her first Boo :0

Halloween attire for Thursday. She looked so cute.

We went to Uncle Pete's for Trick Or Treat fun on Halloween. Check out Cousin Josh. He was a Dallas Cowboy football player:)

Here's my Abby in her cute Halloween dress that she wore to school on Halloween. She totally wouldn't pose for me tho. She had a November Harvest party at school that day and came home with a goody bag off treats.

Then it was time to be a bumble bee. I wasn't going to actually take her out. Thought she would have fun just answering the door. At the last minute we took her out to a few houses. I'm so glad we did. She really had a good time.

Again blurry but to cute to leave out. Uncle Pete was awesome with her so Mommy could take pictures of her Abba's first Halloween. That's Da in the back round. He and Meema came over to Uncle Pete's too for Abby and Josh's first Halloween.
Trick or Treat!

She got the hang of things real quick :)

Everybody needs an Uncle Pete :)

Checking out her loot with DA. She totally learned what candy was that night. We had multiple fits the next morning when she found her pumpkin (that I tried to hide) and she wanted to eat everything that I had left in it.

Let me end by saying that it took me forever to do this post. Seriously! I don't know how you guys with kids do it. Abby just hates it when I am on the laptop. She pushes buttons and climbs all over me. I always have big plans to post and read at night when she is asleep. Funny tho! I always seem to fall asleep with her. Last night we were both down and out by 9:30. Don't you all wish your Saturday nights were as exciting????? :)
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


Amy said...

What is it with the insects this year? Ava was a ladybug and Abby a bee. Sure wish we could have seen the two of them together in their costumes. So, so cute.

Abby sounds like Ava with the constant runny nose. It's neverending around here. I should buy stock in Puffs.

Carol and Taylor said...

Love all the pics, whether they're up to your usual standards or not! Hang in there, it does get easier. It took until t was about 3 until I stopped falling asleep from sheer exhaustion when she did. Soon you will be thrilled to have more time for yourself, while at the same time bemoaning the fact that your baby is getting older and wishing she's stay small. Its a vicious cycle.

Happy Halloween!

Lindsay said...

What a cute bumble bee! Abby is getting so big! Every time you post new pictures I'm amazed at how fast she has changed. And your neice looks so like you :)

Hope the cold dries up soon - Hannah is also constantly getting sick just now. Everyone keeps telling me the first year they are in nursery it is just one, long sickness trip :(

Wendy said...

She is just precious!

kris said...

oh MAN she looks so cute in her costume!!! send me your email address i flipped your photo for you :)

kris said...

never mind, just saw your email link and sent it to you!

Sherry Mc said...

You are right, everyone needs an Uncle Pete, but we are the lucky ones to have him. xo Meema

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE all the pictures..
Looks like you have been doing well.
Love the Halloween dress that is adorable..
And Abby is the cutest little bee around..
Have a Great Week.
Thanks for the update..

Briana's Mom said...

Cutest little bee ever!

Shannon said...

Abba has such cute clothes! And she's such a cute bee. Really pretty pic of Sissy and the flower. So glad you had a good Halloween! =)

Debbie and Sam said...

I love the orange dress! You have to share where you find such cute clothes for Abby.

Beverly said...

great bumble bee costume!!

Donna said...

Glad Abby enjoyed her first Halloween...what cute outfits too!