Monday, November 10, 2008

My little tutu girl :)

To dance or not..........To dance or not............

My dancing baby :)

So graceful

So talented :)

Striking a pose

Sitting pretty :)

Taking a bow:)

Good grief I am still sick! I went back to work today. Ended up missing 4 days last week. Knock on wood !!! So far my girl seems to have avoided the strep bugs. Not sure how cuz she was all over me and I was sick sick. Today (last night really) it turned into a nasty cold. My throat is better but this cold sucks. It's definitely a bad one. I think I am neck in neck with my girl in the snot department at present. Man I filled some tissues today! While I still felt lousy, I was able to work today. Truly I should have stayed home the way I was coughing and sneezing my way around but what's a girl to do????? Little Miss has Dr's appointment on Thursday (her BD). I think she is way to snotty and needs an antibiotic. She has her 2 year well check up the following week and I'm afraid they might not giver her her shots if we don't nip this upper respiratory thing in the bud first. I'm debating on keeping the BD appointment or not. I mean who really wants to go to the doctors on their BD. I'm hoping maybe Uncle Chris can help us out there. (hint hint). I asked her daycare if we could have a Birthday party for Abby there after nap time. They said yes so that is the plan. I really debated having a big party for her Birthday and inviting all of her little friends but decided not to. My place is too small and I think 2 is a little young to have a party somewhere else so daycare it is. Hopefully by the time she is three we will be living in a house and will have more space to party. We will have a family birthday party this weekend. TWO!!!!! I can't believe my baby is turning 2!!!!!


Sherry Mc said...

OMG, she is beautiful. Her moves are so gracious and so effortless. And that smile. Goes all the way into a meema's heart. Love you both so much, Mom xo

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Okay.. Abby is toooo cute..
Love her moves...
Sorry to hear you are still sick.. hope you feel better soon..
Can't wait to see her bday party..
Can't believe she is turning 2..
How time flies..

Lindsay said...

Abby looks so happy and full of fun! A talented little dance to be sure.

Hope your are feeling better soon!

PIPO said...

Adorable pics of the tutu queen (still let us hope this is one of the only times you see her dancing topless ;0)

Now, go shake that plague. It is going around this year something fierce.

Happy #2 coming up! Wow, I keep thinking my kiddo will be nearly 2 when we get home. Hard to imagine.

Carol and Taylor said...

i think you made a really wise decision to do the party at school. especially with you under the weather. Its just so much easier!

Meanwhile, I can't believe little A is turning 2, either. We've followed you blog since before you went to get her. It has been a joy and a pleasure watching her grow, blossom, and become more beautiful every single week of the past year.

Congrats and Happy Birthday Abby!

Kind regards,

Carol and Taylor

Beverly said...

Awww happy birthday. she is too cute!

Sonia said...

So beautiful! Abby is such a cutie ~ I love her smile.

Donna said...

What a lovely little ballerina! Hope you're better soon...

Susan, Matt, Mia said...

So graceful. Hopefully you and Abby feel better soon. Mia is going to be 4 this year we only did her 1st birthday as a big one. I figure when she gets into regular school she can have a "bigger than immediate family" party.
Hope Abby has a great day.

Mandy Terrill said...

Happy Birthday Abby!