Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coming home

Time continues to zoom on by. There never seems to be enough time to post. Abby and I have been sick with the crud. She missed 2 days of school and I missed 2 days of work last week. Thanks to antibiotics were both on the mend now. Here is a belated post that I meant to post on January 16Th. That was the day Abby became an American citizen. First I wanted to show the wonderful Gotcha Day gift given to Abby and I by Da. He surprised us last weekend with these to boxes.

Matching jade necklaces. He bought these and a third for my Mom's birthday while in China at one of the shops in the White Swan. I can't remember exactly what he said their meaning was but it was something about Abby and I and the love that goes round and round through eternity. Anyhoo they are very special to us and we will treasure them forever. Thank you DA we love you :)

Back to citizen day for Abby. I don't have many pictures of Abby and I in the airports but here are a few. Sorry they are out of focus. Don't think any of were even able to see straight by that time.

Making It official :) First touch down at Chicago Ohare. Not sure why little Missie is barefoot there???? Chalk it up to being delirious I guess.

And last of all. A look back to around this time last year. Check out little miss in her nightie then

And now :) She has grown. She is up to 25.6 pounds as of last week when we were at the doctors office. The love I have for her is just so enormous. I can't explain it. My heart is full and it's like the love keeps coming and brimming over. I just love my little girl. Sorry to be away so long. I will post a 411 on Abby soon!


Kelley said...

Sorry you've been sick! Glad to hear that you're both on the mend. What beautiful jade necklaces!

PIPO said...

Hope you guys are on the mend.

Love those sweet.

That nightgown really puts it in perspective. She has grown SO much and I am so glad you share her with us :0)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sorry to hear you have been sick...
LOVE those necklace's.. they are beautiful...
Ok.. it is amazing how much Abby has changed in a short year..
Love the little nightgown..she is sooooo cute..
Have a great Week..

Anne said...

Wow, she has changed so much! Beautiful necklaces, too. Hope you are both feeling better!

Lindsay said...

Congratulations on another milestone anniversary. Beautiful necklaces - and lovely that you all share them.

Hope you are both feeling better now.

Beverly said...

she is adorable!