Saturday, January 31, 2009


Abby started gymnastics today. She was adorable and had the best time. Like I have said before she loves to jump and literally jumps all day long no matter where she is. We live in a condo second floor and I just know the people beneath us probably hate us. I try and get her to stop or only jump in her room but she forgets. It's constant and there is no way I am going to discipline her for being happy and jumping. So I thought the class might get some of the jumping out of her system. She loved the class. They really don't like you to take pictures but I will try and get some next week with my Mom's little point and shoot. Abby was so happy and literally jumping out of her skin to try each new station. It's a Mommy and me (or Daddy) so I participate with her which will be good for me. There really are not a whole lot of toddler activities around here so I'm glad we found this one :) Below is just a picci I snapped of my girl before we left this morning :)

As an added bonus we get to take gymnastics with Ava. It's been a while since the girls have been together but they warmed up quickly. Little Ava is such a cutie! It's going to be fun to see them every Saturday :)

The girls were kind enough to indulge the parents with a mini photo shoot:) They were so sweet together holding hands.

I love how they are checking each other out here :)

Little sweeties :)

Look how they just keep holding hands. So sweet :)

So precious :)

Love this one too. They look like they are having a serious catchup :)

The girls had just finished hugging when I snapped this one. We need a play date Amy :)


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like Abby is going to LOVE gymnastics...
Love the photos of the girls.
They are sooo cute..
Have a great Sunday..

OziMum said...! So so sweet!!!

I think it sounds like gymnastics is the perfect passtime for Abby!!!

kris said...

Sounds like she is going to love it! These pics are so cute!

Kim said...

Oh those two are really cute!

Shannon said...

Oh but they are ADORABLE!!!!