Monday, January 19, 2009


That would be us right in the middle of the low. Don't get me wrong. I love snow but I would much rather have it come on the weekends. The weather forecast has been changing all day. At last check we have the potential to get 1 to 3 inches of snow. I know that isn't much to all of you northerners but around here everyone freaks out when we even get a dusting.
Now that I have Abba things are different. It seems that as of this year when the city schools close so does Abby's daycare. (They used to close on a case by case basis) Once I saw that the weather was looking a little iffy (SP?) I called to see what they thought might happen tomorrow. Yikes! I could easily be up a creek if they close. I can't miss work for sure. I debated on what to do. We could spend the night at Mom's and I could just leave her there if this storm actually happens or I could wait and see how it is in the morning. 9 times out of 10 the forecast ends up being much to do about nothing. So fingers crossed things don't get too ugly tomorrow cuz we are staying put tonight. If the forecast turns out to be correct then I will be driving her over to Mom's tomorrow and I will be bummen cuz I really would love to play with her in the snow.


Amy said...

Oh - and I am praying for the weather man to be correct 'cause I am so calling in tomorrow if there's more than an inch of snow. :)

But let's be serious now. You know we'll get 15 snowflakes and that will be that.

Kelley said...

Well, I wish we'd get some of that snow in St. Louis. I bought boots and a snow suit for my girl and haven't been able to use it once. Oh well...I never really appreciated the fact that Chloe and I are usually off school together on snow days. It would be terrible to have to go to work. Too bad I'm not closer, or Miss Abba could just come play with us on a snow day!

PIPO said...

Ugh....I'm in need of some warm weather. Seriously.

Hope all works out well for you.

Liene said...

Well it's been freezing here in Northern GA. So cold we've had to turn on the outside water to keep the pipes from freezing. There has been ice all over the patio for days. If it's going to be this cold I want to see snow!