Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our week in pictures

I never seem to have time to post anymore. I even considered stopping blogging all together since my posts have been so lacking. But then again, this is sort of a scrapbook of our life. And at least I'm documenting it. I would like to do better then my once weekly posts though. We don't live an incredibly exciting life with lots of exciting things to post about either but we are a happy little family.

For the last week Abby and I have been having our meals together at the table. Up till then she had been eating in her high chair in the kitchen while I cleaned up the dishes etc and occasionally ate along with her while standing and leaning against the counter. My dining room table is a catch all for everything. I finally got it cleaned off and now we eat together. Now instead of rushing around trying to get as many things done as possible ( while she is confined to her high chair and busy eating) I'm actually sitting and enjoying our time together. It's nice and I'm sorry I waited till now to start . Such nice dinner company I have too :)

On Sunday we had a wet chilly windy weekend. Heavy rains that near the end of the day unexpectedly changed into snow. Big wet flakes and they didn't amount to much but Abby could actually see the flakes this time.

Of course I dragged her out (runny nose and all) on to the front porch to check out the flakes.

She humored me and pretended to be impressed :).

My girl can trash a room. This is what a rainy wet Sunday confined in the house all day looks like at our house. Note that I had already picked up once while she napped too.

Here she is! My little tornado :)

And yep! We have been seeing a lot of this for the last week. "Naked girl " as soon as I turn my back :) Her motivation for the potty seems to have taken a back seat to just being naked. She did pee in the potty this past Sat but I think it was a fluke. They (day care) told me today that she had been staying drier for longer periods during the day. They think that is a positive and a sign that she is getting ready? Me on the other hand is thinking oh oh is she dehydrated?

It's fun now to. She is starting to do a lot of pretend play. Check out her ensemble below.

And yes! The bad haircut I gave her is slowly growing out thank goodness. Note the random pieces sticking out here and there. I have been good tho and stayed away from the scissors. I'm hoping to get her hair trimmed on Friday.

All bundled up this morning but totally refusing to look at the camera :)

And my silly girl at dinner tonight :)

Last of all we would like to send a happy shout out to Pipo!! About to embark on the journey of a lifetime :) Can't wait to see little Pipa in her arms!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the photos.
Abby is tooo cute..
She is growing up so fast..
Have a great week.
Thanks for keeping us posted..

PIPO said...

What more in this world can one ask for than a 'happy little family'.

It is just amazing how quickly your little girl is growing up. Heh, better the love of naked now than a dozen years from now!

Thanks for the trip wishes. It is so surreal - the time has finally come. Speaking of which, I better get moving!

Sherry Mc said...

At least she sits to eat with you. With us she stands in the chair - the better to reach our plates with!! She's a love and obviously a very happy little girl. You need to start the "pick up" song with her. xo's Meema/Mom

laurie said...

abba is growing-up just like me.i love to imagen a lot of thing's like i did when i was her age and evan now i still imagen thing's and you know that.

love u both

Anne said...

Thank you for posting the pic of your living room- it's nice to see I'm not alone!!
Abby is getting to be such a big girl, and so happy!!

Lisa and Tate said...

What a cutie!

Think it is a great idea to have a family dinner every night. With a toddler not probablly so stimulating conversation, but what great foundation for when Abba is older. I just remember in our family we always had dinner together... great bonding and conversation was had by all.

Seriously, you need to grab Shannon and Ellie and head out here to Utah some Winter (or Summer)and enjoy some real snow! You guys are welcome to stay at Casa Tate.

Special K said...

Don't stop blogging. I love stopping in and watching your little Abba grow. She's so beautiful... and just gets more so every day. Even naked and with a snotty nose. LOL!

Linda said...

Everyones life is boring and routine, but then there is that little thing she does that sparks something in you and each time you think of it a smile appears on your face... You think that's my girl and who she is... Don't stop sharing once a week is fine, we all love to see Abbeys life thru her eyes. Thanks for sharing so far. Linda

Beverly said...

great pics. great update.

Shannon said...

Awww! She is just beautiful, even when trashing a room! =) I know what you mean about finding time to blog. The day just flies by!

Wendy said...

Love the new look and all of your posts! (I have been following, but not commenting.)It's so fun to watch Abba grow-she is such a doll! Keep up the good work! :) Love you, cousin!

Debbie and Sam said...

I am glad someone elses living room looks the same as ours. Some days nothing seems to get played with and then other days (most) it seems like everything is out on the floor!
We also have the same naked thing going on. I turn my head for more than a second and she can be stripped down! How come when I ready for the PJ's the clothes can't come off that fast?