Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PIcture Day

Today was picture day at Abby's daycare. The kids had their pictures taken with live bunnies in prep for Easter. I was a little concerned because I decided to give Abby a little bang trim and now she is sporting a pretty nice little mullet! Time for me to put down the scissors. I think I did a pretty good job of hiding the damage I did :)

Yep that's a paci (sigh...)
When I picked her up her teachers informed me that while she had done very well for the photo session there was an accident... Yep, somehow she peed on the back of her dress before the pictures were taken. They were able to rinse it out and dry it for the pictures tho. Luckily she had a fresh outfit with her as well. I knew she wouldn't want to be in that outfit all day anyway.

My Pretty girl :) I just love her so much!


laurie said...

put the scissors down and move away from them...however, she's gorgeous as always!!
auntie waurie

Abby's Mom said...

Auntie L I seem to recall several bad home jobs on CJ? Most specifically when he was about Abba's age and you used that contraption that was from an infomercial :)

Sherry Mc said...

OK if we're going back in time, how about the hair cut Abba's mom gave Auntie Waurie when she cut just one of her looong puppy tails off. I agree. Haircuts are not your forte. She looked beautiful tho. xo's Mom

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

She is adorable, mullet and all :)

Don`t worry so much about the paci.

laurie said...

that's correct. so i consider myself to be and expert in the art "butchering my kids hair". all the more reason to listen to me;).
auntie L

Deb said...

I never would have known you pulled a "Doris" (my mom). Man, what she did to my bangs and my sister's. By the time the 3rd daughter came, she had learned.

Abby looks beautiful as always. Can't wait to see the pictures they took.

Aunt Debbie

Abby's Mom said...

Deb, Actually in High school L and I were known for the L.... bangs LOL! Really short and also cut by us :)

Shannon said...

OH she is gorgeous! Look at that sweet dress!