Saturday, February 14, 2009

Potty Time

Well after telling everyone that my daughter had ZERO interest in potty training at present... Guess who decided this week that she was ready? All of a sudden, 100 times a day (it seems) I hear, "I go potty" or "I go Poop"The pants come off, the diaper too and then she sits :) Nope! She has yet to produce anything in her potty but I'll give her an A for effort anyhow. She even sits on the big potty backwards sometimes but nothing yet. This constant on and off diaper game got old quick plus there becomes the issues of wasted diapers. So now Abby is sporting pull ups. Pretty pink ones with Dora on them. I'm working with her on taking them up and down instead of just off. The darn things are little tricky though. I have to really stifle myself from laughing as she pulls them up. They tend to get hung up on her little hiney :) So I'm taking this as a sign of definite interest from her. I even got her some Elmo undies today (size 2t -3t) the smallest size I could find. They will probably swallow her but will see. I'm giving her Lot's of praise and encouragement each time she tries. Any or all ideas to help make this latest adventure easier for us are welcome.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

YEA... potty time..
She will be done with diapers in no time..
Have a great weekend..

Kim said...

Do you have Ross there? Sometimes you can find 2T panties with princesses on them. And they are TINY and don't slide off of Natalie's non existent hiney.

Eliza2006 said...

Eliza did the same exact thing. One week I was saying she wasn't ready and the next week she went for it. Go to Gymboree for tiny undies!

Susan, Matt, Mia said...

Congrats on Abby being ready.
I was always afraid of Mia wetting the floor or couches. I got her padded Gerber panties so if she wets it isn't a huge mess. I got them in 3 pks at walmart for about $4.00. They also have the plastic pants (like the ones to put over clothe diapers) that I put over her for more protection. I used them around the house and pull-ups when I went out.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...


i never thought i'd be giving panty advice, but try gymboree panties once she is potty trained. they are the only ones that fit jain and didn't bunch up. also, i swear by that travel potty from fisher-price. it literally is the best thing since sliced bread. ;)

good luck! hope to talk to you soon!

daisy said...

Enjoy it , don't stress if she loses interest. Summer is a great time when they can go around nude! I have to tell you about your cousin, she totally bowel trained in 3 days at 15 months. I thougfht this is it and brought 9 pairs of training pants, ( no pull ups back then)We got to Bama's and I put her in pants, she came back 15 minutes later wet, I changed her, no big deal, she came back ten minutes later again, wet, again I changed her without fanfare. More time passes and she presents again in the kitchen wet, this time with a diaper in her hand and her pacifier in her mouth. I got the message and went back to diapers for awhile. She was five before we found out about the bladder defect OL Daisy

Ava Baby said...

I found with Ava that she just needed more time on the potty. She did the same thing initially and then would get off the potty and pee in her pants a few minutes later. She'll get it soon- then you get to visit every public potty you come across. :) I, too, love my travel potty, good investment.

Shannon said...

Hoping you'll be giving me the pointers in another year or so! =)
Hope to meet up with you both again soon.