Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cupcake Mania

Abby calls anything with icing birthday cake. She spotted a 2 pack of cupcakes while we were at the grocery store the other day and insisted I get them. Here she is enjoying her cupcake after dinner. First a sniff and then a nibble :)

Cupcake Bliss :)

Deciding where her next bite will be from :)

Making sure Mama doesn't sneak a bite :)

Just joshing you Mama. You can have a bite if you want :)


Juice break :)

Let the sugar rush begin :)

HMMM.. Maybe I shouldn't of taken that last bite?

NAAA! Who am I kidden :)

What?? Do I have something on my face???

Still working on my cupcake :)

Feeling that sugar rush :)

Giddy with joy :)

Come here Mama! Gimme a hug :)


Wendy said...

LOVE all those shots! she's a girl after my own heart! ;) (mmm, frosting!)

i've always thought Abby's bracelet was so sweet, so i found a website that stamps mommy and baby ones. I got one for her with her name on it, for her baptism, but it's too cute to take off!

PIPO said...

Woohoo...I have some of those days in front of me. My little miss knows what she wants so I keep the goodies ditched from her right now ;0) She'll experience it all soon enough.

Love her little bracelet.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love her face..
And Abby's hair is getting sooo long..

Pug Mama said...

how sweet!!!

Anne said...

Too cute, and I love her hair!

Ava Baby said...

Adorable! Abby is REALLY enjoying that cupcake!

Debbie and Sam said...

Frosting makes me happy too!!!!! My DD sees anything with sprinkles on it and declares it "party cake" How quickly they learn!