Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A week n pictures

We started out last week (Sunday) at Meema's celebrating cousin Josh (1) and Uncle Pete's BD's. Snow was in the forecast s0 I packed Abby and I up to stay at Meema's just in case it actually happened and her daycare closed. We had a good time with family and sure enough there was a little mix going on as the evening ended.

Piggy back with CJ
Fun with Uncle Hughie

Birthday Boys :) Josh and Daddy.

We woke to some actual accumulation! I left Abba with Meema and Da since the daycare closed. I went on in to work :( Would have loved a snow day with my daughter. I was actually sick with the crud though. Thankfully Abba was spared this time :)

Checking out the snow. Poor baby didn't get to go out in it. Meema and Da felt it was too cold. (It was! The high was only 27 that day and the winds were 30 plus. A little chilly for my baby.)

Abby's special hat. Meema has two of them and each time Abby comes over she pulls them out. Abby wears one and Meema wears the other :) It's a ritual for them.

The roads were pretty good after work so I decided the little one and I would chance it and go home (praying that daycare would resume the next day). It was still wicked cold out though so I got her all bundled up to go home. Needed a token picture of her in her snowsuit as she is likely to grow out of it any second :) (PS I did add boots and mittens before we left to go home.

This was taken the day after our snow fall. The snow hung around for a while. My grandmother always said that when snow hangs around it's waiting for more. Not the case this time though. It was 80 degrees by Saturday that week.

Kicking back after a hard day at daycare.

Just love the little bum up in the air.

Still my little peanut :)

Kitty treats!

She has had a big fascination with my shoes as of late or should I say the laces.

Being cute :)
Finally a picture of the BD cake. Note the candle. They had these in China and we really regretted not bringing any home. Lo and behold Mom found this one today at Farm Fr*sh. And made in China :)


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Looks like you had a great weekend..
Love the photos..
I can't believe how much Abby is growing.. she is sooo darling..
Have a great week..

OziMum said...

Great photos! I think its hilarious that's she's almost naked in one shot, and in a snow suit in another?!!!

She's grown so much!!! Where's your baby gone?!!!

I love the little fashion show, goin on in the sidebar too! Gorgeous!

Shannon said...

What a candle! Ahh, your beautiful Abba really knows how to pose! =) Ellie and I are sooooo ready for some warm weather, aren't you?

DEQ said...

I am so pleased that you've found your daughter!! Congratulations! I am one of the few who've asked for a daughter and recieived her natually just 18 years ago... through our trials and tribulations it was truly worth every once of the girl issues. I'm so completely happy for you! A little girl is truly a blessing for a mommy and you're finding that true probably as we comment...I wish you health and happiness. Love to you both!!