Monday, February 08, 2010

Winter is SNOW much fun!

We get good snow about every 10 years or so. Looks like this was our year! We had 2 storms 1 week apart. Both on a weekend. Good times :) Abby really liked it and did really well. We are waiting to see what this weekend brings.......

Wouldn't the Chinese clothes police be proud :)

First Snow Angel :)

Abby's Snow Angel Bunny

Touching the snow.

Sunday was beautiful. Da and his helper :)

Abby's first Snowman :)

Snowstorm # TWO! Last weekend.

Again making the clothing police proud!

Abby's Snow Angel Bunny:)

Snow Princess


Briana's Mom said...

LOL! I love the princess snow-woman! You did get a lot of beautiful snow. Briana would have gone crazy in all that snow! Abby looks adorable.

(We got your quilt square! Thank you so much! It is adorable!)

Anne said...

Beautiful pictures!

erin said...
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erin said...
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Such fun for your daughter (and for you as you watched her enjoy her first snow)! :)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Beautiful photos..
Looks like things are going well.
you are going to have to take photos of the new house..

Lindsay said...

Abby loook lovely :) I think your first snowman together is a great success!

Mandy Terrill said...

Jenny, I love the pictures of you and Abby the best! Ya'll look so happy!

Shannon said...

Great pictures! Especially the ones of you together! Clothing police comments made me snicker! We won't have any more snow til next year -right?!?! I'm gonna need A to teach E to like the stuff! Hope to see you soon!