Thursday, February 11, 2010

And more SNOW!

Crazy weather. Tuesday morning they were calling for a few flurry's. Just as Abby and I were leaving to head to work and school it started snowing. It was really windy as well. We took a little video before we left. ( In it you will see some of the snow left over from last weekends storm) As we drove to work/ school the snow became heavy and the winds really picked up. We were driving in literally whiteout conditions. It was really bazaar. We got about an inch before it stopped a few hrs later but the winds kept on. By the time we got back to My Moms on Tuesday night they were howling with 50 mile an hr gusts at times. Luckily no more snow (that day anyway). My Grandmother used to always say when ever snow hangs around it's waiting for more....Believe it or not snow is in the forecast again for Saturday and Monday. Poor Abby! She told me on the way in that day that she likes spring best :)

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