Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy CNY Year of the Tiger!

We didn't go to our usual Chinese New Year celebration this year because our host had other plans. We did go to a smaller gathering though this past Saturday thanks to a last minute invite :) It was a small group. Just 3 other families. These families are all from the same agency (not mine) so they get together every year. The Mom that organised it works at my hospital. She brought crafts and party favors including noise makers to ring in the Year of the Tiger loudly. Abby was the youngest little girl there. She had a good time being one of the girls and enjoyed the extra attention as the older girls doted on her :) Really not in the mood to pose Mom!

Unless of course it's with my Da :)

Making crafts with the girls. They decorated fans and made fancy dragons on a stick.

Taking a quick desert break :)

Good Times :)
I loved watching her with the older girls :)

Sunday getting ready to open her CNY gift from Mommy :)

She got a musical ensemble packed in a drum along with a red envelope containing money and some chocolate gold coins and some candy. Happy CNY my sweet Abba! Mommy loves YOU :)


Briana's Mom said...

Awww, Abby is so adorable. I love her gold silk outfit!

She looks so grown up in the last pictures. So beautiful!!!

Lisa and Tate said...

Happy CNY!!! Loving the gold outfit on Abby! SO SO CUTE!

erin said...

looks fun!! i wish i was there.

Kris said...

what a nice way to celebrate~!! she looks so adorable...

Lindsay said...

What a gorgeous outfit she has on. And what a grown up (and very, very pretty) little girl she is looking. My goodness, the time flies past!

Anonymous said...

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