Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthday Part Recap (December 2010)

Abby and her BFF Mackenzie had a joint birthday party. They both turned 4 within weeks of each other. We had their party at the Virginia Living Museum. They share the same daycare class and we invited the whole class. Unfortunately that essentially filled the slots allotted to us for the party. So if your reading this and a friend of ours we wish we didn't have to leave you out :( The girls had a blast at their party. The party package included lite decorations, a room for an hour and an animal show of 2 animals (the girls picked a rabbit and a screech owl). After the hour the guests had unlimited access to the museum. All in all a super deal and well worth it :)
The BD girls!




Presents (everyone was very generous and the girls received and loved their wonderful gifts).

Time for the animals! All of the animals at the museum have some sort of injury that results in their inability to survive in the wild.

Exploring the museum

A very tired BD girl :)


Polar Bear said...

What a FUN party!!
The girls looked so cute!

Happy Birthday Abby!!!

S & Z

Shannon said...

Wow! A great place to have a party! Such beautiful Birthday girls!