Thursday, March 10, 2011

Conversations with Abby

So while riding in the car this morning on the way to work :

"Mommy boys marry girls." Abby
"That's right." Me
"But Mommy boys don't marry boys." Abby
"Nope." Me
"Well I'm going to marry Cameron (a classmate). " Abby
"I see." Me
So I'm thinking she is probably wondering why I'm not married. I figured I might as well throw it out there.
"Well Abby some people don't get married because they can't find anybody to marry." "That's why Mommy isn't married." Me
"Well Mommy you could marry Da (Grandpa)?" Abby
So I then explain to her that Da is already married to Meema.
"Well Mommy are there boys at your work?" Abby
"Yes there are." Me
" Well then you can marry one of them." Abby
Me Laughing (If it were only that easy....)
"Well I haven't given up yet." "Some people don't get married until they are older." Me
"Oh" Abby
And then she moved on to the next thing :)

I expected the Daddy question but really did not expect the Husband question. That's my girl though. Looking out for Mommy :) And no I haven't given up but Mr Right will have to be someone SUPER FABULOUS because my Abba deserves the BEST!


erin said...

thats funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dawn said...

Funny girl.
You both deserve the best.

Truly Blessed said...

It's amazing how their little minds work, isn't it?

And you're right to wait for the as-closest-to-perfect man you can find, because you BOTH deserve the best!

Shannon said...

I agree- you both deserve the absolute best! =)

Carrie (aka Lilly's Mama) said...

Sooo there with you!!! For a while Lilly was trying to figure out how she could move Kendra out of the picture so I could marry Coop, but now she plans to just marry Jackson. I keep telling her I might meet the right guy someday - I just haven't met him yet. She closes with - "I won't have to worry about that, I'll just marry Jackson."