Friday, July 21, 2006

AHHH Retail Therapy

I have been looking for this Magnolia doll forever. I had seen her on other families blogs and she looks so soft. Finally I found her. I can't wait until she comes in!

I found these bibs at Belks. I can't wait to put them on Abby! Especially the first one.

Ladybug poncho and hat :o)

Mary Jane slippers!!


Nancy said...

Oh my goodness! These things are so adorable...Have you contacted a contractor to turn Abby's room into a closet. Your child has so many clothes that you will have to change her every 4 hours in order to where everything (change clothing q4h and prn) :) I love you and I hope the therapy works. You know I love the after work Target runs.

Ann said...

These are soooo cute. I love that ladybuy poncho and the bibs..ohhhh.

Joannah said...

Wow, those are so cute! Shopping is good therapy for this insufferable wait.

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

I love the ladybug poncho that is mega cute!

Donna & Joe said...

I love the "I was worth the wait" bid!! You mentioned that a web site?

Donna :)

Sandy said...

How cute! Gotta love retail therapy. Say, would you email me at agirlwaits @ I want to send you a coupon for Baby Gap if you're interested.

Shannon S said...

Love that doll baby!