Friday, July 21, 2006

Christopher update

Thanks for all the kind wishes sent his way. He seems to be a little better. I did not call him last night but spoke with my sister and she said he had been happier on the phone that night even laughing a little. He only got teary at the end of the conversation while saying good night to Daddy. I called him tonight and there was no answer. I am hoping that since it is Friday night that maybe there was something fun planned for them to do tonight. I did send him a big care package though today. I am so proud of him and today is hump day for him. Only 6 more days and then we pick him up . (Guess he is not the only one counting down) I will head to MD with my sisters family to get him then were off to New Jersey for a family wedding.

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laurie said...

great news-after getting a call from a counselor saying christopher had thrown up this morning (a case of a nervous stomach-they were going to baltimore on a field trip) we talked to christopher this evening and he was doing great! he even told his daddy he thought he was getting over this whole homesickness thing. counting the minutes til we pick him up. i have a feeling he's going to talk the whole way to jersey. thanks aunt jen jen.