Wednesday, July 26, 2006

And down I go!

Referrals are on the way. Cut off date is July 13th. I don't know why I do this to myself. I compare it to buying a lottery ticket. I just know I am gonna win but never do. It's the same way with the rumors I read. I convince myself that they are true. I (along with everybody else) was really hoping a whole months worth of referrals would be issued this time. Oh well, my rollercoaster ride continues. I am swearing off the rumor queens site for awhile though since I can't seem to handle what I read.


Ann said...

You do this b/c although you don't know your child yet, you love her. Sorry that the cut off didn't include your lid.

Anonymous said...

Longing for something is like a Roller Coaster ride... but as a very wise person once said,"what would life be like if it were like a merry-go-round? the same thing over and over"... I know you want her so bad but dont forget to live today and everyday because the experiences will make you a better Mommy when the time is finally here:)
Love ya, Nancy