Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nursery Update

Big progress for me! After much procrastination, I painted 3 walls in Abby's room today. I will finish the final wall tonight. The walls will need a second coat and I still have to do the trim. Now that I have made a dent in the dreaded paint project I am ready to see the room completed. Not sure what motivated me to do this today other than the fact that I was stuck in my house waiting for the aircon man to come. My air has just not been up to par. I will set the temp at 68-70 and the gage never goes below a balmy 82. There actually was cool air coming from my vents but evidently not enough to keep up with the heat wave we are experiencing. Today's high was 101 and it is predicted to reach 103 tomorrow! way to hot for me!!! I am so ready for fall. Anyways yap I picked the hottest day of the summer so far to start painting. The aircon man just left. Evidently my cooling coil?? Was clogged up with dirt. After a good unclogging he said my air should be fine. The best part of today was when he told me how much I owed. $80.00 !!!! I was expecting much more. So now it is slowly cooling down and I'm a Happy Camper :D


Ann said...

Good Job finishing the three walls. What color did you paint? And the heat, omgosh it's so hot here. I think the heat index was 110. Your poor air conditioner just couldn't keep up.

Julie said...

Great job! Would love to see photos!

mom said...

Finish the room and dresser will magically appear. Love, mom