Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back on the wagon

Ordinarily I would be embarrassed to share this but I know you all in Blogland can relate so here it goes...... Well it's more then time. August 7th will make 9 months since I logged in with the CCAA. While there doesn't appear to be a baby for me in the near future, this pseudo pregnancy has go to end. I was a size 8 when I started this journey. Now...... NOT SO MUCH! So I am back on weight watchers. I have done it before and know that it works. It's all about portion control and sensible choices. Both of those have been hard to follow with all the stress of this process. All I want to do is sit on the computer and look for anything adoption related and anything that might give me even a hint as to when my referral for Abby will come. Snacking goes well with that. So I am officially back on the wagon. I figure if I stick with it I can loose the added weight by December. And hopefully focusing on this goal will ease up on my referral stress.


Ruby Cate said...

Good for you woman! Weight watchers is great but just remember, always allow yourself a little chocolate here & there cuz otherwise you may feel the need to murder someone! (trust me, after losing 80 lbs, I KNOW how important those little 'treats' are now & again... THEY SAVED PEOPLE LIVES! hee hee

GOOD LUCK LADY & thanks for the compliment on my little sleeping water baby, isn't she so FUNNY! Do you know that she actually fell asleep IN MY ARMS WHILE IN THE WATER? I let her sleep in my arms with her head draped over my shoulder for like a half hour before my arm started to go numb, then I moved her up to one of the sun chairs. LOL TOO FUNNY SHE IS! Take care & feel free to vent anytime, weight loss isn't impossible but it sure as hell feels like it sometimes... so we all can use a shoulder to bitch & moan on from time to time... remember that Ruby & I will be here for you. =)

-Amy & Ruby Cate

Joannah said...

I need to get back on WW, too. I just got home from a cookout at the beach. I wonder how many points two s'mores have?

Ann said...

I so know what you mean. I need to get back on the wagon too. WW really works I've done it several times too. On a similar note I started to get up at 4:30am, to run/walk before I go to if I could just get the eating undercontrol. But you are right, I'm on the computer several hours a day and snacking goes so well with it. I keep telling myself that I refuse to be a puddgy one when we travel, I'd hate to see that imortalized in pictures. So Monday I'm with you, okay!!!

Shannon S said...

Yeah, I'll hop back on the wagon with you...on Monday! =) Today I might need a Bruster's Ice Cream! My DTC group has something called the Great Wait Makeover. If I actually stuck to the healthy eating I should look like one of the Ols*n twins by the time this great wait is over!

Kristie said...

Jenny, no matter 20 pounds up or 200 pounds up, it's a special, stressful, scary and incredibly vulnerable time for you. Just remember that we all love you (Abby will too) whether you reach that goal or not. Just be healthy so you can give Abby your all. I know you can lose the weight...i've seen it before. But don't make it your focus right now. focus on what is best for Abby.... loving you from West palm beach this time
Kristie and Loghan