Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy New Year!

We celebrated Chinese New Year today. 2007! The year of the Pig and possibly the year that Abby will be born. My Niece Erin spent the night with me last night. This morning Meema and Da picked us up and we headed to the Norfolk Chinese Community Center. Mom's friend N had invited us to celebrate with her wonderful family.

It was really neat and there was food galore! It just kept coming and was all very authentic.
The menu was as follows :
Dim Sum
"Snow Ear" Scallop Soup
Assorted Platter (meats & Dumplings)
Salt and Pepper Shrimp
"Jing-Du" Pork Ribs
Soy Sauce Chicken
Sal teed Shrimp and Squid with Black Bean Sauce
Orange Flavored Chicken
Buddha's Treasure
Fresh Oranges
They brought these dishes out one by one and they were all wonderful.

Shannon I think these are the same musicians that were at the FCC CNY. They came from the Norfolk Chinese School.

More students preforming the Fan Dance. I apologise for the quality of the pictures. We were sitting in the back and my camera was not cooperating.

At the end of our meal the Dragon appeared.

He danced and moved about the crowd to the loud beat of drums. Again I wish my pictures were better.

Children and Grownups alike crowded to put red envelopes inside the Dragons mouth.

There was even a little miniature dragon circling the crowd.

So Cute!

Erin has a serious problem with any type of dress up character that she sees in person. WE thought she would be okay with the Dragon because she had studied CNY in school. As soon as he appeared she moved quickly from my lap, then to Meema's lap, and finally as he got closer she went under the table.

Too Funny! She did peak out on occasion but that was pretty much it for her.

We had a wonderful time! Everyone was so very nice too. I am so glad I was able to go. Usually I have to work when ever there is something like this to go to.


C.J. said...

Looks like greta fun! happy CNY to you as well.

I think Abby is gonna be a dog rather than a piggie. Not enough time until she's home for her to be a piggie! (just my positive thoughts)

laurie said...

thanks aunt jen jen for the sleepover-sorry she's a bed hogger!
she's just preparing you for immenent sleepless nights!!! thanks also to Nu and her family for the very generous invitation and gifts and to you, da, and meema for taking her. looks phenomenal! i love the picture under the table (although mild by her standards). can't wait for her to tell us all about it!
love ya-chicago here we come!brrrr!

Erin said...

I am the girl under the table. i had always liked being with you, aunt jen jen. i want to thank Nhu for inviting was awesome. love you!

Kristie said...

What an awesome way to bring in the CNY. I know you and Abby will make this a forever tradition. She will be with you there next year... and ps, I think Abby is a Doggie too!! Glad you all had fun and Erin was able to put her dress to good use!!!
Love ya, have fun in the windy city!!

Stephe said...

Hey Jenny, it looks like your Chinese New Year was a BLAST! I LOVE the dragon at the party, it looks FANTASTIC!!!

Thanks for the link for the yorkie shoes!!! They are just the CUTEST! I think it was Nordstrom's that had little girl Pirate shoes too!!! I better get back into "SHOPPING" mode.

Funny, I NEVER thought that would happen. It's just too darn COLD to FUNCTION here right now!

Happy Year of the Pig!!! :)

amy said...

what beautful pics and a great blog. will continue to read about your adventure

Shannon S said...

I think you're right about the musicians. Must be a very busy time of year for them.That lil' dragon was too cute! The pictures of Erin are great. Glad she had a good time despite the dresser uppers!