Saturday, February 03, 2007

Old Photos

The old photo challenge has been making the rounds on the blogs lately. Here are mine I was going on three years old when these were taken. Thanks Hugh for scanning them for me!

These pictures are of my first major haircut.


And After!


C.J. said...

What a cutie face! Do you remember if you cried during your haircut???

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

Connie I really don't even remember the haircut. I can imagine that I probably cried when it was brushed pre haircut though. Mom can you answer that?

Shannon S said...

How cute are you?! Did you get the "it hurts to be beautiful" line? At the time I didn't know how true that statement really is!

mom said...

Nope, no tears at all. Actually you were very good. I know it was at Fr Eustis but I can't remember where. Mom

Made in China said...

Yes, definately a cutie-pie!!!