Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Since everyone is talking about the snow they are getting right now I thought I would post these pictures . These were sent to me by Aunt Debbie. They are of my cousin Wendy's family and home.

They live in Pulaski New York. It's very close to the much talked about Oswego county. These pictures were taken on February 8th and she said they have been getting around 8 to 16 inches almost daily since then! Below is their fence almost completely covered!

I believe that Is Josh below helping his Daddy with the shoveling.

Josh and Ben. This is what kids dream about. I bet they are having a blast!

Dad and the boys. On top of a snow drift.

Thank's Wendy and Patrick for letting me post these pictures on my blog. I miss seeing you guys and plan on making a NY trip once I have Abby home so she can meet her North East relatives. Mean while be safe and I would really love it if you guys sent a little snow our way. We need one good snowstorm here before spring!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the forecast calls for at least 5 more days of constant snow in Upstate NY.

I bet you can't convince any of us this week that there's global warming.


Stephe said...

I am SOOOOO glad I don't live there!!! Hoping they stay REAL WARM!!!

more cows than people said...

guess i should send you some pictures from here- though pulaski definitely has us beat i could take a five minute drive and get some mighty impressive pictures (o.k., maybe it would take more than 5 minutes today). ah well... that's why we live where we live- partially. snow is a beautiful thing. a lot of it, every day, for those who shovel, maybe not so beautiful (unless your K- he is happy as a clam.)

C.J. said...

Holy moly - that fence picture is flipping me out! They need to put the shovel away and forget it until spring ;0)

kris said...

Great pics, brought back some wonderful memories of my own childhood... but I have to say, I'm glad I live in Florida as an adult!

Ann said...

see that looks like so much fun.