Friday, March 30, 2007

Am I yelling?

Today while scanning the rumors on RQ I read that someone had been flamed for typing her posts in capital letters. Evidently this is a cyber no no and seen a yelling. The poster didn't think she was yelling just excited. She also posted that she preferred to type in caps. Some one else posted to her that while they knew she was not actually yelling they still had the thought that she might be in the back of their mind because of the caps. I say what ever floats your boat. As long as what you post is not spiteful or mean I would just consider it using bigger print.

Tonight while looking at my blog I noticed my print/font style is a lot bigger then anybody else uses on their blogs. I hope nobody considers me to be yelling at them with every post? Honestly I am not. I thought it was just easier to read this way. I know it is for me but I am also in denial that I probably really need at least some reading glasses. Also Bamma (my grandmother) prefers bigger print too. It's easier for her to read as well. But now I worry. Unfortunately that's what I am a worrier.

Now that I have gone back and read this post I am really thinking that it's kind of stupid. I'm tired so I am rambling a little, however, at least I am not stressing over referrals. Anyhow I think I am going to shrink my print down some.


C.J. said...

I think some people are just far too nit-picky! It's your blog. m'dear. As well, my oh-so-young (argh, argh) eyes appreciate your type.

more cows than people said...

i use all caps for emphasis sometimes, but i do feel like when a whole post or message is in caps it feels like i'm being yelled at, BUT your large font does not in any way feel like yelling. it is kind to the eyes. big difference. hoping with you, jenny. and the shelf looks great.

Shannon S said...

No worries, Jenny! You do what you like. Plus, with minimal rumors, people start getting a bit crazy and start spouting off. Here's hoping referrals inch into November!! =)

Kristen said...

I saw that post on RQ also and thought is was just ridiculous. I guess I need to learn posting etiquette... Ha..

I think your blog looks great, BTW

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Jen...please don't worry..your font size is just fine!

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

Thanks's guys!!! I feel better now :)

kris said...

YEAH, COULD YOU STOP YELLING AT ME ALREADY JENNY? Please. What people choose to get in a tizzy about is really FASCINATING, don't you think? Your font size is FINE girl. Leave it be. Bamma needs to read (and Connie too)... and,well, okay, even ME. I say go all out and underline everything too. Haha!

Lisa said...

I like reading your blog cuz it DOES have bigger letters. Easier on these poor old tired eyes.

I think with some people who critize are just frustrated with the wait and are looking for outletts to relieve the frustration.


Yelling from Canada


Deb said...

The font is fine. My mom also writes in LARGE CAP font. It is easier for her as well.

When you get to a site that has itsy bitsy font or BIG HUGE font, YOU can control the size by olding down the CTRL (not shouting, emphasis) and the center wheel on your mouse, scroll the mouse up and down. Heh, this may delay purchasing those reading glasses at Wal-Mart for another year!


Deb said...

My name was cut off :-(
Aunt Debbie

Ann said...

Would you stop yelling already!! I hear you!!! :0)

That's so stupid. Do what you want it's your blog....geesh!!

Anonymous said...

here's a link to netiquette. kinda silly