Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fun Buy's

I have been pretty good for a while now as far as not buying things for Abby. Truthfully there is not much left for me to buy her either because I have already bought it or I have been firmly instructed by the "peanut gallery" not too. While shopping at walmart these little bargains were just too cute to pass up. Boy I hope my baby has some hair. Either way though I will love her just the way she is!

These adorable finds again from Walmart just insisted they jump right into my cart. These paired up with the perfect Easter dress will look so pretty on my baby. Once I know her shoe size for sure I want to find pink or white patent leather shoes to match the purse :)

I love the rose on the purse.

And the little flower bows on the gloves. Oh I just can't wait!


Joannah said...

So cute, Jenny!

C.J. said...

Very cute but I am gonna love it if she is all tomboy ;0)

I'll be in the same girly uh-oh boat as you if my gal turns out to be a tomboy.

Eliza2006 said...

I have those small flower barretts for Eliza. They look so cute in her hair...your baby will be beautiful!!!


LIZ said...

The barretts are adorable...I have collected so many too...I hope Ava's hair grows some from her last picture!
The purse and gloves are just precious...ready for easter sunday.