Monday, July 02, 2007

8 things Meme

I have been tagged (Thanks Laura and Sarah) to name 8 random things to come up with about myself.

1- I have broken many bones. My wrists between the 2 at least 7 times. I wasn't terribly clumsy, I just tend to stiffen up my arms when I fall. In case your wondering the hows, the first time I was playing circus and fell off my rocking horse while standing, the second time was exactly one year to the date of the first. I fell at school while doing the crossbars and trying to skip one. I don't remember the order of the rest but twice involved a ball that I stopped with my hand, once a dark collision with another person while playing manhunt, once roller skating, and finally again on the crossbars at school. It was in gym and I told the teacher I couldn't do it due to my history. She made me do it anyway. You guessed it, I fell not only breaking my wrist but also my ankle as well. I again broke the same ankle several years later in a car accident. (My sister was driving). Also (can you believe it?) I have broken my heel. I don't recommend jumping off the back of a jacked up pickup truck onto concrete.

2- I was born in Vecenza Italy. I also lived in Cadiz Spain for three years as a child. I loved Spain. I remember quite a bit and would love to go back one day.

3- I have been an ICU RN for 13 years and I love it. I most love that by the end of the day I know I was able to make a difference for someone else.

4- I am a shy person pretty much everywhere but at work. Not sure why I am not shy at work. I guess I just really feel good about what I do.

5- I decorate cakes. I have never had any formal training, just kind of learned on my own. I have made almost every single Birthday cake for my Niece and Nephew here in Virginia.

6- I am addicted to the Weather Channel and CNN. I must check them both periodically through out the day.

7- I have gained way too much weight during this wait for my Abby from China. I need to work seriously on this now before she gets home.

8- I never thought I would still be single at this point in my life. It's partly my fault though. After being burned a few too many times I have built up a significant wall of protection around myself. I need to put some windows in though cause I really hope that I'm not single my whole life.

So there you have it. 8 random things about me. If you haven't done this Meme already consider yourself tagged.


Catherine said...

Jenny, It seems you and I have some things in common. :o) At least numbers 7 and 8.

Weight? Gotta get rid of it! Lots of it and hopefully quickly. Yah if that's gonna happen!

#8. Surprised too but ok with being single. Figure when God brings the right guy along I'll be ready...if he can squeeze through the tiny space in my life I've left. I've told God that all I'm looking for is 'Christian, male and breathing but breathing has become an option.' :o)

It's fun learning more about people. Hey...stay off the monkey bars ok?

tracy said...

What a fun list! Italy and Spain eh? You are a world traveler!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Fun list Jenny! I never would have imagined you the shy type though.....

Krista said...

Hey me too!

Broke my arm 1st grade. Fall from monkey bars.

Way too fat. Who said this was easier than pregnancy? Not a chance!

And single....again... with my very high, reinforced wall up with a moat around it filled with blood thirsty crocodiles. LOL!

kris said...

I REALLY loved reading this... I'm like you too in that I'm not shy in my work (as a nurse, as you know), quite the opposite in fact, but am kinda shy in social situations, especially meeting new people. And I had lots of weird broken bones (bad big breaks) growing up. So accident prone!

C.J. said...

I've never broken a bone in all my days. Now I had to go and say that.

I'd love to hear more about your travels.

Yep, me too, fighting the battle of the baby bulge adoption style.

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

whoa..that's a lot of broken bones!

I have to admit I am addicted to the weather channel I have passed it onto my's sad when a 4 year old just wants to watch the weather channel isn't it?

Wendy said...

I love the weather channel! Interesting post thanks for sharing!

amy said...

those are great facts..Dont ya love being a nurse? I dont work in ICU but I share the same feelings and I have so much weight to lose before Lynnmarie gets here!

Shannon said...

Cadiz, Spain is very beautiful. I spent a semester in Madrid during college, which offered me lots of opportunity to travel in Spain. Cadiz was one of my favorites!