Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This and that.

Well lookie here what I found in my mailbox. A second brown envelope. I guess from renewing my I 171 form way back when ??? Seems like it took longer this time around since I don't even remember when I renewed. So I guess I have a spare now. Not necessarily a bad thing :) Let's hope I don't have the need for a 3rd one.

Is it me or is this summer just flying by? Seems like it was just barely June and now were over halfway into July. The drum beat seems to be getting a little louder too. I'm starting to feel like my turn is finally coming. It's like a different phase of the wait. It still feels endless but at the same time it feels a little like it's gaining on me. I have quite a few things on my to do list as well. Time to get busy. I have to admit too that I am starting to get a little nervous. Mostly at night right before I fall asleep. My mind really wanders with a lot of what if's and worries. I can really get myself going sometimes. Guess I better get used to it though. It's all a part of motherhood.
And the current RUMORS???? They sound way to good to be true! I'm not counting on them at all. I will not let myself fall for them again. Just please god let me have my baby in my arms by December.


Eliza2006 said...

The summer is going by soooo fast. It goes at warp speed when you have work and daycare looming in August.
I can't wait to see Abby. Your time is coming! The worrying will never go away. It is, however, a better kind of worry when you have an actual child to worry about!


Wendy said...

I refuse to get on the roller coaster ride!!!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Yup your turn is certainly coming Jenny girl!
God timing will be perfect!
No worries...

kris said...

Isn't it weird how time plays tricks with you like that? Like suddenly it's rushing up on you, yet still feels far away, and maybe, just maybe, at last, this LOOOOONG wait has hope of becoming a very distant memory!!

I am so thrilled for you. I have always felt connected to you, not only cuz we're both single, but also because we work in the same field. Do you do 12 hour shifts?
I'm still struggling with how to work out the whole daycare thing.

But then, I may move to Texas and find new work before China!

Robin said...

I haven't even received my first one yet.. UGH.

Congrats on getting everything renewed. I'll be renewing all of my stuff next month

Stacy said...

I was wondering if they sent out a second Brown envelope. That is sort of funny! Now you have a spare! :)

I hope we won't need a third!

Shannon S said...

You got a second brown envelope? No fair! I'm still waiting on the first! =) Between waiting for your referral and this heat/humidity, moving summer along isn't such a bad idea!

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Yes you are getting closer and closer.
Time for the excitement to start building and for you to start finishing off those jobs in preperation!

Sandwitchedin said...

I'm looking at the blogs of people who are getting ready to leave for China within the next week. Their LID are so close to yours!

Just because you can't see, smell or hear her (I know you can feel her), does not mean she is not within reach. That, dear Jenny is Faith.

Keep the faith.
Aunt Debbie

Shayla's Mom said...

Our time is near! I can't wait to see Abby!

LID 11/21/05

Kim said...

Its hard not to be excited about the rumors. Even if they don't pan out, at least I'm excited again!!

Lisa and Tate said...

Time is just zipping by... SO it will be only a memory and you will be holding Abby.