Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meet Mackenzie

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending 13 hrs with Mackenzie. I work with her Mom and she had daycare issues so I babysat :) Mackenzie is 8 months old and probably at the developmental stage that Abby will be so it was great practice for me. We had so much fun and she broke in the nursery for me. This little one rarely stops or sleeps (sorry Courtney :o ) She also tried out some of Abby's toys.

Some of the things I learned yesterday were.... Abby's bedroom door is very squeaky. Makes it hard for a quiet sneaky get away. The lawn people are going to be an issue. After a 1.5 hr nap ( Her Mom says she usually sleeps 2 or 3 hrs) They decided to trim the hedges right out side her window. Woke my girl right up! (Must invest in sound machine). Baby Einstein videos rock! She loved it and watched almost the whole thing at 8 months! My glider rocker is super comfy. I am going to love it! Finally.... A baby's smile is the best thing in the world! (I already knew that :o)

It was so neat to have a baby in Abby's room. I loved yesterday and think I am ready to take my Abby girl on :o I can't wait! Below, the crib finally gets some action :) And also, don't reem me for the pillow in the crib. her Mom brought it and said it is the only way she sleeps.


LIZ said...

She's just adorable...I can just imagine how much fun you had with her!

amy said...

SOunds like you had an amazing time..Cant wait to hear your Abby stories

Catherine said...

Great practice! :o) Glad you had such a wonderful day together.

Can't imagine how fun it would be to have a baby trying out the crib and toys you've bought for Abby! Won't be long now Jenny. Wahoo!!!

C.J. said...

She is adorable. I just want to snuggle that little one.

Sherry Mc said...

She's a cutie. Seems content in the crib. xo Mom

Shayla's Mom said...

Practice makes perfect! My sister (10 years older than myself and already a mom) keeps saying she wants to "borrow" our baby when we get her home. I say borrow... or watch...it's all the same!

Note to self...get Baby Einstein videos pronto!

LID 11/21/05

Anonymous said...

Mackenzie is so cute! You never really notice how much daytime noise there is until you have a baby sleeping! Luke has always had a cd player in his room. Even at four he still turns it on when he goes to bed. He loves music.

BTW- Abby is going to have an awesome Mom!


PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

AHHHH adorable! How great that you got to test run Abby's room!

Shannon S said...

What a sweetie!