Sunday, September 23, 2007


I found out about these cool additions to Abby's wardrobe the other day. I love them! Babylegs are like little baby leg warmers. I think they will be adorable under dresses or skirts instead of tights. They can also be worn under pants and cover the gap between your babies sock and the pant leg when they ride up. Sound perfect for China and for the clothing police (HEH).

These are the ones that I got (On Ebay actually). They come as one size fits most and evidently grow with your child up to size 10.


Made in China said...

wow! Those are crazy cute!! I want some now!

Julie :o)

hausfrau said...

Oh, no, are legwarmers on their way back? Cute for under dresses, you're right.

RoLo said...

They are so cute

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness! Too sweet!

Journey to Mia said...

yeah.... thanks... I just spent $60 on baby legs!

toooooo cute!!!!!