Tuesday, June 03, 2008


It's been pretty interesting around here this week. It's funny cuz last week I was just telling my sister how great things were going..... This week Miss Abigale has been a pistol! She is giving me a taste (I'm Sure) of what is to come when she turns two. In the last few days she has thrown several fits in public. Yesterday at Kmar*t when I made her sit in the shopping cart after she kept running away from me. By the way, those child safety straps in the carts suck! She can get out of them so easily. Anyhoo....And today I left the park with her kicking and crying cuz she didn't want to leave. I felt horrible for her and was seriously considering taking her back to play some more until she hit me. Yep! It seems this week that my little angel has started hitting. It only happens (NOT EVERY TIME) when I take something from her she shouldn't have or if I don't let her do something she shouldn't be doing then she swats at me. I grab her hands and tell her no hitting and Gentle. Then she will stop or cry.... And her fits, Big Crocodile Tears! They make me feel horrible. The orphanage was right she can be obstinate at times. It doesn't help that she is big time teething right now. Poor little thing is getting Motrin and teething tablets pretty much around the clock.

This is all normal right??? I haven't seen many blog posts from you all that have your kid's home talking about this type of behavior. I'm hoping she's not just mad at me...... The last two nights she has literally crashed in my arms at 9 PM after her bottle (I KNOW,Don't say it) instead of her usual 930 PM bedtime. So maybe she is experiencing a growth spurt too. Another thing she has started doing in the last two days is jabbering something that sounds similar. She does this same type of jabber (sp?) when she either wants something that I won't give her or won't do something that she wants. I don't know what she is saying but it definitely sounds bossy LOL.

The pictures below are of just one of our battles. She wanted a snack but instead of eating it out of the bowl I put it in she insisted on dumping her snack on the floor. When I would pick her snack up and put it back in her bowl, she would promptly dump it right back out on the floor.

Asking for more. Yep using the bowl but she emptied it out on the floor right after I refilled it.

She is so cute, sweet and tiny but she is also mighty.


Kelley said...

I started laughing half way through your post and had to comment. You would read about this type of thing from me if I'd just post more about it...we're going through some big terrible twoish stuff around here.

Chloe hit me and tried to pinch me at Wally World the other day...and she and Abby would have a ton of fun throwing things together.

I'll do better posting about real life. I promise. :)

~ Alison & Mali ~ said...

Sounds completely normal to me! I think most people just choose not to blog about it.

Mali did all that, regardless of what I did or how I reacted. It's just toddlerhood. The more her language developed, the easier things got. Stick to your guns & set some serious boundaries for her. She will get mad at you, but she'll (always!) love you anyway.

I've heard they start to settle down when they approach age 4 or so =)

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Okay.... sounds normal to me...
Kids go through all stages.. dont' take it personal...
Have a Great Week..
LOVE the pictures..

Chinazhoumom said...

Sounds normal - it happens to the best of kids - read here:


and here


ps - please please move her away from the bottle...her dentist will thank you !(just my 2 cents)-not that you asked :-0

Donna said...

This is WAY normal! She's just testing you...hang tough, mommy!

Carol and Taylor said...

Oh man, welcome to our world. Fasten your Seatbelt...you're in for a bumpy ride!

There were times when I felt I couldn't even go out in public, to a store or restaurant, for fear of my T pitching a fit. Its particularly hard for us single gals to whom this often happens when we're by ourselves. Unfortunately, it WILL get worse before it gets better.

My sis experienced for the first time the biggest T meltdown to date...at Disney...hitting, scratching, and even biting were involved. T's 3yrs, 2mo. While her fits are more sporadic as she gets older, they're also more intense.

Do NOT feel too sorry for her! She knows exactly what she's doing. Its amazing how smart and manipulative our little angels can be, and at such young age.

Here's a trick I use: If we're at home when it happens and when T was Abby's age, I'd turn off the TV or take away the toy she was currently playing with, pick her up and take her to another room and shut the door. I'd stay in the room with her, but ignore her until she calmed down some. If she was hitting, I'd leave and stand outside the doowr for like 30 seconds. Then enter again. Repeating til she stopped hitting. Sometimes I'd take a book to read. This would often divert her from the original point of her rage...which was usually doing something that could kill her (attempting to lick electrical outlets, playing with a bottle of medicine, playing with razors, etc.) I'd then tell her that if she calmed down and stopped crying, I'd open the door and she could play.

The cry of rage was diverted from "I want that" to "Open the door" or something similar. She'd calm, the door would open, and peace would momentarily reign again.

Hang in there.

Sherry Mc said...

I think she even outdoes you at the same age. You certainly couldn't produce the huge tears that she does. Like you, I think of her first fourteen months and want to cave but we can't or she will be running both households. Be strong!! xo's for both of you. Meema

Anne said...

Oooh boy...Can't wait til Elizabeth is that age!!

Ava Baby said...

Yup, this sounds pretty normal to me. :) Ava has never hit me but she will definitely start screaming if I take something away from her or make her sit in the front of the shopping cart (wanting to stand in the back is her new thing). I do find that if I stick with it, she will eventually give in and stop complaining. I try to quickly refocus her attention on something else when I can. It's all good!

Anonymous said...

Sounds perfectly normal, she's just testing her limits. Like someone else said, YOU set the boundaries, and stand strong with them. If she dumps her bowl over more than once and you refill it, you're telling her it's ok to dump it over by refilling it. Take the bowl away, move her to another room and tell her she can have more when she is not dumping it over. If she dumps it again, then do it again. repeat step one....lol.

She knows exactly what she is doing. It's normal to break your heart when she screams, but remember, she'll do that until she can express words.

My niece did the same thing until she was 4.

She's now 4 1/2 and still sometimes gets really obnoxious. So my sis, sends her to sit in "the spot". Her newest thing is "I want that" and she grabs it from someone. She wants what anyone else has, whether it's food or a toy, or a t-shirt. So funny.

She also is very strong in what she says, she corrects me even when she has no idea what she is talking about. Hmmm, a bit of my sister is coming out. Hahahaha.

Enjoy this time when the rest the world is all new. Alot of "firsts" !!!

OziMum said...

Oooo it's so hard when they're just so darn gorgeous... but feisty!!!

All I can say is


Beverly said...

All I can say is pick your battles. Eating snack of the floor although not appetizing is not going to hurt her. About the hitting yep, in the throws of fits Glenys did it too and still swats at me or herself when she doesn't get her way. growth spurts can cause moodiness I have seen that too. I do post about it. I videoed a 45 min fit Glenys threw last year over nothing in particular I could figure out.

Briana's Mom said...

Don't worry! This is totally normal! She is testing you. Briana does this a lot. I have definitely blogged about it. My favorite was when I removed her diaper several months ago and she proceeded to pee on the floor. That was fun. I did notice with Bri that she is more obstinant when she is having a growth spurt. So that may definitely be it. Hang in there.

Sherry Mc said...

PS to my original post, I am sure Bomma got a chuckle when I would call with what you guys had done, Well, I am chuckling now. But oh how I love her. xo Mom

Lindsay said...

We're heading that way too! :) Who knew it started so young? Looking forward to seeing what strategies work for you and Abby so we can steal them :)

Rina, John & Annalisa said...

Yep, it all sounds familiar. With Annalisa we put the pack and play in the office and everytime she did something "undesirable" we would say "Uh, oh!" and put her in the pack and play for one minute.
Abby's growing and trying to establish herself, don't feel horrible. She's right on track.

Ann said...

awww the things I have to look forward to..

Debbie and Sam said...

It sounds like my Elizabeth has been doing some tutoring!!!! Mine is a whiz at giving a good pop across the face when she is frustrated or mad and she is a great at tossing and retossing, and retossing again. Some days can be sooooo frustrating and tiring! After one exceptionally bad day recently I blogged about it for just the reason you mentioned. No one ever talks about the bad days, and they do exist.

Hampton, VA