Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Haircut

I am behind in my posts. I wanted to post these pictures and video of Abby's first haircut. She did really well. No tears! The place I took her to catered to kids. Check out the chick with the blue hair and nail polish. Some how I'm thinking this look was not just for the kids :)

Looks like she is saying, "You know what your doing right?"

This place had a cute little "My first haircut" package. It included a picture and a lock of hair.

Abby's hair is so many different lengths. Basically I just asked them to even out the ends. She has a cute little bob when she lets me fix it it. Otherwise you really can't tell. I decided to go the no bangs route for now... Day care lost her hair bow that first day tho, I don't want to keep loosing them so I may change my mind just to keep her hair out of her eyes.

All done with a Congratulatory Lolly:)

Below is a little video.

We have to do the day care thing again tomorrow (SIGH). Poor baby, she starts all over again. My new job is going well. I like it. You really see a different side of patient care tho. I can understand why the physicians get so frustrated with the patients insurance companies. It is a busy job to. No real down time but it is also pretty flexible. Several of the people that I have shadowed have adjusted their hours to accommodate their children. I like that they will let you do that.


kris said...

Awww... she did so well! Glad your sticking with no bangs, I don't think you'll regret it once they really grow out-

I didn't even know about your new job, that's how far behind I am! I'll have to go back and read. I have a feeling I'll be hunting for one after China too- need better hours that are conducive to daycare! I have no family here... ugh.

Donna said...

Very cute haircut...I'm glad the whole experience was fun for both of you!

Anonymous said...


She is darling! I am glad to hear she did so well with her first haircut! You are making sure things are done right....I am sure everything will go well in daycare this week...take one day at a time dear friend.

Take care,


Sherry Mc said...

Good heavens. Hope you tipped the gal well. Abby was lucky to end up with her ears intact. xo Mom

Nancy said...

May I suggest that you put a tiny rubberband in first and then put the bow overtop. It usually helps keeps the bows from slipping out.

Good luck with daycare tomorrow. In no time she will be loving it as much as you are loving your new job:)

Ava Baby said...

She looks adorable! I love the "first haircut" certificate. Very cute idea. Good luck with daycare this week.

Shannon said...

So cute! Did she know she'd get a lolly after?! Fingers crossed daycare goes smoothly.

Beverly said...

Too cute.

Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

A nice place to take kid to for a haircut.