Friday, July 25, 2008


Just checking in. Sorry for the lack of postings. We are busy finding our groove and frankly I think we are slowly getting there. New job is still going great. I like it. Abby is adjusting to daycare slowly. She had 3 great days this week, still tears as I dropped her off but was very happy when I picked her up. She did so well that instead of letting my Mom keep her Thurs and Fri I sent her to daycare since they had a drop in spot both those days. This mornings drop off was the best yet. Her eyes teared up but she went to her teacher and never actually cried. Granted she didn't look happy but baby steps. She is now eating pretty regularly what they give her there too :) She continues to nap well. I'm so proud of her!!! My favorite part of the day is when I pick her up. She lights up when she sees me and starts giggling and jumping up and down then runs to me:) Good stuff! I also took her to the doctors. he said the 2 lumps were swollen glands and would probably be there a while as a result of the tick bite and complicated by the daycare crud that she picked up. He put her on zithromax for the yellow snot and she is so much better now. I no longer have to wrestle her down on a regular basis to wipe her nose.

I'll leave ya with some catch up pictures. She is growing up so fast! Forgot to add that her weight at the doctors was up to 24 pounds!!

Fun at Uncle Petes and Annettas! Playing with my cousin Josh.

What a big boy:)

Striken a pose :)

Abby's first 4th of July. (I had just spilled a drink on her)

First fire works! They really didn't hold her attention. She was more interested in mingling.

Our own personal bath monitor.

Water play!

I love that little bum in the air:)


My Abba (that is what she calls her self :)

Walking in Mommy's slippers.

So sweet.

First artwork brought home from daycare! AWWWWWW:)

Hope everyone has a great weekend :)


Eliza2006 said...

She is so cute! Glad your job and daycare are going well. I'm not looking forward to that transition again in a few weeks.


Lisa and Tate said...

Glad daycare is going better! YOu said steps! Abby is so adorable! Love her flag dress!

Briana's Mom said...

I can't believe how big she is getting - and beautiful! So glad she is starting to adjust to daycare.

Sandra said...

What cute pictures! I love that brown top with the pink flowers!
And I also can't get enough of baby bums sticking into the air while sleeping. Even though Tahlia four now, she still does it every now and again...

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like things are going well...
She is growing sooo fast..
Love her little flower shirt and the ladybug hat is adorable..
Have a Great Weekend..

Shannon said...

Love the pictures. The bum in the air one totally has me smiling and tearing up! "Abba's" announcement card is still on my fridge, reminding me that dreams do come true! So happy how yours continues to unfold every day! =)

Donna said...

Ya gotta save that piece of art work FOREVER!

OziMum said...

I know I say it, everytime I visit "Abby is just so darn cute!" but SHE IS!!!

She is also a mighty fine dresser (kudos to mum!)

Enjoy your warm weather... its freezing down here!

Sherry Mc said...

Abby's meema with an aside for Donna, you bet she needs to save that drawing forever. She can add it to the pile of hers that I've saved and moved for I won't say how long. Precious memories......

Elisa. said...

Wow she is doing great, glad she is settling into daycare now.

Debbie and Sam said...

Oh, it does get better. Mine cried for a couple of weeks every morning. After 8 months there, we still have some crying mornings but they get fewer and fewer. She still won't go anywhere else or be without else without a panic meltdown but school has now become routine. I never thought it would be get better but it does. Hang in there!
Debbie in Hampton