Wednesday, August 13, 2008

21 months today :)

Here is my girl yesterday. She is usually not this subdued. I promise! It was dinner time on a day care day and she was tired.

I swear she is so smart. I was holding her the other day and she started singing her ABC's. Granted she has a long way to go but she's trying :) Other then singing it I hadn't really been teaching it. A lot of her toys sing it too.

Favorite songs right now besides the ABC song are, Wheels on the bus (she does the hand motions), If your happy and you know it clap your hands, Head and shoulders (again she does the hand motions), and Itsy Bitsy Spider. She is talking a ton, lots of two words, ie "all done", "Get up", "Get down", "Oh No", "Uh Oh", "What's that", "Get it" to name a few. It's so neat to watch her vocabulary grow.

She still signs but not as much.

I took her to the playground after work today. It was only 84. She climbed up and went down 2 out of the 3 slides there! She has never done that before. We haven't been to the park in about a month due to the heat. I can't wait for fall.

We have had the potty out to get her used to it but I haven't really pushed yet cuz she can't raise and lower her pants yet. She doesn't tell me tell me when she pees but she will tell me if she is doing a stinky. Also if anybody toots around her she will announce it:)

She is turning into a little drama queen. She fakes falling down then fake cries until I pick her up and comfort her. Sometimes she will do it over and over. She also loves her babies. She feeds them, tries to diaper them, holds them up saying "Up Down" like I do with her. I will find her babies in various places where she has put them to Ni Ni. It's cute, she even covers them up.

Work is going good. This was a good move for me.

My little condo seems to be shrinking by the minute. I swear her stuff multiplies while we sleep. I have been looking around for a little house to buy. It's my hope that I will be able to sell my condo and use some of the profit to pay off some or all of my debt. We'll see what happens.

Day care is progressing nicely. She still cries at drop off but not for long. I love to sneak and watch her pre pick up. The teachers are great there and all seem to know Abby's name.

We just had our 6 month post adopt update done. It was a little late. i had to find a new HS agency and SW cuz my original one quit and no one else at that agency was willing to drive from Northern Virginia to Yorktown.

What else can I say? She is doing great!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Abby is sooooo cute...
She is sooo smart..
Glad things are going well...
Love how she holds all that spag. in her hand...
Have a Great Week..

Lindsay said...

Glad the new job and day care have worked out so well.

Abby is looking as cute as ever :)

Donna said...

So happy things are settling down for you two...Abby is such a doll!