Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Big Girl!

Saturday while hot was not scorching so I took Abby to the Park. Swinging has always been number one for her. This time she only wanted to swing a few minutes before she moved on to the new favorite. The slide.

This slide has always been her favorite. They have three at our playground. I would consider this one the intermediate slide.

She likes to climb up the slide before she slides down.

All by her self too :) (Down, Not up!)

I think I had written that she just recently started sliding down this slide with minimal assistance. The slide below I will call the Advanced slide.

My Abby decided she was ready to tackle this one on Saturday.

Luckily it is not a very slippery slide so she just kinda scoots down it.

My Big Girl :)

Climbing too! Another new thing on the playground anyway.

My sweet little girl!

OH! And some BREAKING NEWS!!!! I am now the proud new owner of a Nikon D60 Camera! Thanks Meema and Da! Once I learn how to use it I look forward to posting lots of cool pictures!
I can't wait!!!!


Gail said...

Abby is getting so big and more and more beautiful(if that is possible)every time I click on your blog.

She is such a happy baby!

24 lbs at 21 months and my Abby is 21 lbs at almost 10 months!!
My pedi said.."I give up"
"You just get the big babies"

PIPO said...

Just wonderful!

Thanks for posting all this inspiration. I look so forward to such moments with a little climber of my own.

Elisa. said...

Wow sshe is getting so big plus like Zoe she is very adventurous in the playground too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny - she is getting to be such a big girl! And more beautiful every day! Happy Birthday! I know this one is probably your best ever having Abby to help you enjoy!

Love, Sharon

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the pictures..
It is amazing how fast she is growing...
So glad to hear that you have a new camera..
Have fun..

Debz said...

She is just adorable!
Looks like your having a wonderful summer.