Monday, August 25, 2008

Rash DX?

I'm looking for opinions here. First off the top two pictures are from tonight. Just to show you that she doesn't look sick.

She was not in the posing mood :)

This (pictured below) is the rash tonight. It's doesn't cover her from head to toe but is kind of scattered, One or two on her neck, maybe three or four on her belly, 3 on her left ankle, one or two on her knees/thighs, a couple on her back, several on her rt hip. A little backround. I took her to the Doctors last wednsday for what I thought was a spider bite. They pronounced her arm fine and actually thought it might be a may fly bite instead. Anyhoo. They were more interested in her apparant upper respiratory thing AKA the Daycare Crud), with the greenish nasal discharge. They put her on Augmentin. Due to scheduling conflicts I did not get the prescription filled till this past Friday so she got her first dose that night, The next morning I gave her dose number two. I noticed she was scratching at what looked like hives on her tummy and right hip area. I called my MD Brother N Law and we agreed to stop the Augmentin. I gave her some benadryl for the itching and she seemed fine. that night I noticed a few spots on her back as well. I gave her more benadryl before bed. The next day the spots seemed smaller. We all ate at my Mom's so I got my brother in law to look in person. He didn't think it looked like a drug rash but told me to hold off on the Augmentin still. At that time she had a few on her legs as well. She also seemed to be running a fever but my Mom didn't have a thermometer. I gave her tylenol and she was in no way acting sick. Ate well, played well ect. Today when I picked her up from daycare I noticed she had a few more on her legs and shoulders but the prior ones seemed less noticable. She is scratching at her knees tho, so I gave her benadryl toonight. My brother n law thinks the rash is viral and said not to worry about it but..... What the heck is it? Anyone have any ideas????

The 8/23 pictures are from the day I discovered the rash. What do you all think? Should I call her Doctor?


Eliza2006 said...

Why is she that cute? I could scoop her up right off the computer! Who knows about the rash? I say watch it for another day or two.

Anonymous said...

Could be heat rash or could be flea bites from playground. Benadryl lotion or ointment is also good.

Chinazhoumom said...

Hi there - me again
K had the same thing - much worse (can email pics) at about the same age- the dr hade 5 drs look at her (big practice ) and they said the same thing (as there were no othe symptoms) I used calamine lotion (the old pink stuff) slathered it on - and she had relief (don't give oral benedryl and topical benedryl-could cause an overdose-per the allrgy dr I took K took for somthing else - who knew..after about a week or so (it got progressively worse - then started to clear up) Oh the joys of toddlerhood!
Good Luck
ps assuming that all other items are the same (foods/soap etc)

Stephe said...

My goddaugthers live at the beach and they occassionally get bit up by late afternoon mesquitos. Looks just like Abby's. Stephe

Beverly said...

scarlett fever by chance?

Anonymous said...

Last year my child had a viral infection, and after it cleared up got mild hives. The doctor said it was an overload of histamines on board - you could take a cold cloth and put on the skin and it would make welts because the histamines were so out of wack.

The other thought is...chicken pox is going around my child's day care right now??? As a school nurse, I've found that w/ the new varicella vaccine that it doesn't often look "typical" because it's so much milder because of the partial protection from the vaccine. Usually doesn't blister or scab...almost looks like mosquito bites that pop up and doesn't last very long either. Just my two cents...but then again, who knows!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I would call the doctor.. but just to let them see.. it might not be anything. but better safe then sorry...
Abby is still the cutest little girl around..
Hope things get better..

Donna said...

When she was younger, Emma frequently came down with viral hives. She would get a bug and it would manifest itself as hives (one time so bad I had to take her to the emergency room!) She's had to take oral steroids a couple of times when they were bad...but most of the time, they disappeared on their own in a few days.

She hasn't gotten them in a couple years though, so maybe Abby will outgrow them too.

Kim said...

Natalie got those, the doc said they were bug bites, maybe mosquito.