Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hard Day

Warning! I am going to whine. Skip this post If you don't want to hear it. It's not all sunshine and butterflies .

Today was and all around rough day. I would say based on a bunch of factors all rolled up in one. Last night Abby woke up at 2 AM. I cringed and was afraid to look at the clock. Once I finally did I was overjoyed to see that it was only 2 AM. Plenty of time for more sleep. Yeah right. Once I got up and got little miss some milk she decided she was not going back to bed. The party lasted til 4:30 AM. I'll spare you the details but it ended badly. Basically I had to put her in my bed and let her cry while I pretended to sleep. Eventually she did too.

Two hours later and my alarm goes off. I hit dose for another 30 min. Started my day off late. Abby slept away. I had to wake her. I really hate doing that to her. It makes me feel horrible. Luckily she woke in a good mood. We got to her day care around 8:15. Later then usual. It was pajama day and she looked so cute in her pink princess PJs. Of course she cried when I left.

Got to work at 8:35. My boss comes in to my office and tells me that she wasn't sure if I was aware that I had to work the weekend??? I wasn't. I tell her no problem and make a quick call to my Mom to see if they can keep her Sat and Sun. Luckily she can. I had no plans for the holiday but was really looking forward to just having 3 days off to relax with Abby. Oh well. So she tells me I'm off tomorrow since I will be working the weekend.

09:00 I go up to my units after getting a GINORMOUS coffee. Guess what? The system that we use to review the charts is down, Great. We have a 90 minute meeting at 1:00 PM . I really didn't need to be even more behind. Meanwhile I get a call from day care. They tell me not to panic but that I may want to come take a look at Abby. it seems she fell off the slide and cut the inside of her lip. Lot's of blood. they tell me that once the initial tears were over that all she wanted to do was go back outside and play some more. They iced her lip and let her play. She really wouldn't let them check her mouth inside so they didn't force it. After thinking I decided to let them call me back once she let them take a look. I figured that If I went back to her Day care I would just upset her more. They agreed and promised to call me if anything changed. So then the rest of the day I struggled with guilt and second guessed myself. Should I have gone or still go to her day care? Anyway the systems down til 10 ish. I finish the Open Heart unit and half of the CCU before I have to go to the meeting.Some where in there my monthly arrives. Post meeting back to work to finish the CCU and do the ICU. Behind of course. Long story short I'm there until 5:40 PM.

I pick up Abby and she seems happy. Yep a little bit of a fat lip but no worse for it. I notice that there is blood all over her shirt. They kept it on her all day. Am I too picky???? They had a spare outfit. Plus her barrette is missing.

After a Chick Filea run we get home about 6:15 PM. She is in a good mood. She eats pretty well actually. After I put her in the tub. Once bath time was over she turned fussy and clingy. We battled over my attempts to cut her finger nails. let's say she won. I had hoped to keep her up til 9:30 PM so she would be good and tired and then I could hopefully rock her to sleep and slip her in her crib instead of my bed. She ends up crashing on the floor around 8:00 PM. I take advantage of the situation and clip her finger and toe nails. I put her in her crib and she wakes up. The crying starts. After lots of rocking/ swaying I finally get her back in her crib asleep. I pray she sleeps all night.

So now tomorrow I think I will take her to day care and get caught up around here. My house is a wreak. I am going to call the pediatricians office and ask about her rash. She has some more bumps today. No fever but I'm wondering if our night time issues are related to it. Hopefully I can get a hair cut too. I have some major roots going on.

Thanks for all of your rash advice. And for reading this post, if your still with me that is. It was therapeutic for me. It may not seem that bad of a day to others but I am exhausted and stressed.
I got out late from work today and yesterday because of meetings. I hate doing that to Abby. I feel like I should keep her home tomorrow and spend some quality time with her. I also could use some time to get some things done too.


Lisa said...

I'm exhausted from just reading your post. What a day.

I'm glad that Abby's injury wasn't too serious. I use to work in daycare and YES they should have changed her for sure.

Don't feel guilty for taking Abby to daycare tomorrow while you try and put your house back together and get your hair done. You have to look after YOU too. Besides she will probably have more fun there with her friends, games, activities and routine then be at home while you try to do things.

The saying if Mamma's not happy then nobody is happy is sooooo true. Being a single parent is even tougher I'd imagine so take the time. Treat Mamma to a nice day.

Michelle said...

I cannot imagine how hard it must be to raise a child on your own. The whole being up from 2:00-4:30 would have out me over the edge. I agree that you should not feel guilty about taking her to daycare tomorrow. If you have to work the weekend, you'll have no time to get anything done. Then you will just feel more overwhelmed and behind.

Lisa and Tate said...

Ah sweetie- take Abby to day care and take care of yourself.... nap, hair, maybe meet a friend for lunch? I have yet to experience it but, I KNOW it is hard going it alone.

Anonymous said...


Do not feel bad about taking Abby to daycare tomorrow! You will feel much better when you can get a few things done that you need to get done.....don't forget to also take care of yourself...you won't be able to take care of your little bundle of joy as well if you are not taking care of you. I am always here to listen::)

Take care,


Amy said...

Why not compromise, Jenny? Take Abby for most of the day and let it be a nice treat for her when you pick her up early.

I get what you're saying though. I usually don't take Ava to daycare when I'm off, either. And that's why my house is a mess and errands don't get run.

About the rash. I don't know what it is but Ava has an almost identical rash right now. I've just been treating it with hydrocortisone and keeping it covered so she can't scratch it. We're about 4 days in and it's getting better.

Sorry you have to work this weekend. J does also so it's not much of a holiday for him either.

Lindsay said...

I'm so sorry you had such a stinker of a day. Mommy-guilt is crushing! I hope Abby had a better night's sleep - and that you did too.

Everyone's already said it - but you are right to take Abby to daycare while you get caught up at home. Once that is done you can collect your little one and have some fun together.

Hope you all have a better day and that Abby's lip and rash are both better. (Yes, I'd have been upset they didn't put clean clothes on too.)

Have a good day:)

Sherry Mc said...

Check your email. I can help tomorrow. Call me when you get up - hopefully you both sleep in. xo Meema

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You are doing a great job.... sorry you are going to have to work this weekend..
Dont' feel guilty for taking Abby to daycare.. it gives her time to interact with other kids..
Have a Great Week..

Shannon said...

Poor baby and mommy! Sending hugs and fingers crossed for a good nights sleep.

Shayla's Mom said...

You're doing a great job! No matter how much you love your child, you always need a little time for you.


Shayla's mom - back from China Sept 2007

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Maybe they left her shirt on because they were afraid they would upset her more by changing it?

I had to learn not to sweat lost hair clips. DD is almost 9 and still loses them.

Sorry for the rough day.

Michele said...

From one single Mama to another....TAKE HER TO DAYCARE!! It is so much easier to get things done while she is HAVING FUN at daycare. You need a break, it's okay to take one when you can get it. Don't feel guilty, you are an excellent Mama.

Michele, Mom to Emily and Alyssa, both born in China

kris said...

How you kept such a positive attitude when someone ruined your weekend by telling you you were working I will NEVER know I would have been SO NOT HAPPY. And then FLO?? JEEZ. Could it have picked ANY other day to start? Girl. I am so sorry. I fear these days, but I know I will have them!

Beverly said...

I am exhausted too!! We lose hair barretts on a daily basis. Just keep a check on her tooth because she may have gotten some trauma to it and it may turn colors. Take Abbey to daycare, she won't know you are off work. You need some time to reqroup. I thought this new job was so you didn't have to work weekends?