Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Still here

Sorry for the absence. The time just continues to fly on by at such a amazing rate of speed. Little miss and I have been busy. She is growing up so quickly right before my eyes! My two year old is every bit of two right now. We had our two year well check up appointment last week. She weighs 25 pounds now! Her height is 35 inches. She is in the 25Th percentile on the growth charts with her weight and the 50TH percentile with her height. She was pronounced healthy and looking great. I did speak with her pediatrician about the formula/ melamine issues. he sent us home with a bag like contraption for me to put on her so that I can collect some of her urine. For now he just wants a Urinalysis/ UA. He wasn't really familiar with the developments per the melamine and that disappointed me. Then again he is just a regular peds Doc (not a international adoption expert) so..... Anyhoo, I have to work on collecting that urine. The first time was a bust.

We have our second post adopt update with our new social worker on Thursday. It's an extra one crammed in between China's 2 required updates per the requirements for her Re adoption here in Virginia. The picture below shows you what is becoming a now frequent occurrence around here lately. My girl can throw a fit right there with the best of them. She changes on a dime! Mainly when I tell her no (sigh). I was a little worried that there might be something wrong but after a post on the Rumor Queen forum It seems to be just normal two year old behavior. And I am definitely not alone :) We have been using a little "time in" time in the rocking chair. It seems to help most of the time but wow sometimes there is just no consoling her until she's done.

As for potty training, Not so much. Zero interest right now but I'm not pushing her.

Just being cute in her puppy tails below. Her hair is getting long. She is still in my bed at night. I like haing her there acually. She will nap in her crib during the day. As for the nights, it's still hit or miss as to if she sleeps through the night or more often not. She cries out a lot at night. She still has her paci too, but only to sleep. I'm waiting til she can speak a little better before it goes bye bye. She's due to move up to the two year old class in day care in January tho. I don't think she can bring her paci there. Should be interesting.

Having a tea party with Sissy and Chase at MeeMa's :)

So cute these two :)

Happy Abba!

More fun playing with Chase.

The next one is blurry but I love it. I love how their both working together on the same puzzel. These two play so well together :)

Next in her Thanksgiving attire for school (munching on a waffle).

Thanksgiving dinner at Uncle Hooties. I had a lot to be thankful for this year! Below with cousin Christopher :)

Her first Thanksgiving meal was much enjoyed :)

Then she left me to go sit with Meema and Da.

Yes Siree! Totally Thankful!!!!

I can't wait to celebrate the Holidays with my Abba. We got our tree tonight. She was so excited. I did a full size live one this year (forgot what a mess they make). Currently it's taking a long drink. Will decorate it tomorrow night. She's so cute. She calls it a Mismas tree :) Pictures sooner rather then later once were done decorating.


PIPO said...

Good stuff. Miss Abby is growing by leaps and bounds.

I look forward to seeing her picture with your 'fully-dressed' tree.

Good luck with the pee bag. Those are a real challenge with babies...I can only imagine with a mobile kiddo.

Anne said...

Wow, she is just looking like such a big girl now! Cute, cute, cute!

Beverly said...

yes she can throw a doozy with the best of them. love the pics, Abby is adorable!!

Lindsay said...

Abby's looking so beautiful and grown up now! Hannah's having tantrums too: normally I just ask her if she's having a tantrum and if she says 'yes' I tell her to let me know when she's done, then I leave her. She generally stops right away! Fingers crossed that continues. The only major meltdowns are really when she's tired or hungry.

Hope all your health checks re the melamine come back nice and normal. Must be a worry for you.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE , LOVE , LOVE the pictures..
Abby is growing sooo much..
Love her little outfits..
Love the picture of her throwing a fit.. they all do it..
Have a Great Week..
Can't wait to see the Christmas decorting..

Briana's Mom said...

She is growing so fast! And she is so cute!

Bri isn't loving the potty right now either. I am not going to push right now. I will revisit after the holidays. I have enough stress! LOL!

Shannon said...

Wonderful pictures! Esp. the one of you both. Ohh and I just love the 'tails!!! Too cute! Tantrums?? No one told me about tantrums! Glad you'll have it all figured out for me! =)

Sherry Mc said...

Are those the overalls I was supposed to shorten? Be glad for the tantrums. She feels safe enough with you to do it. Besides, she is the most precious little two year old I know. Love you both, mom

OziMum said...

Love that last photo of you and Abby! Gorgeous!

She is definitely displaying "2 yr old" behaviour! It does pass!!! (maybe not for a couple of years - but it does pass!!!)